Ban those pet s from public places!!!

You know what I detest? Already in the middle of eating in a packed, crowded place and a family with a pet dog/cat, came to sit at the next table.

They will place the dog/cat on the chair like IT is part of the family, within a few feet from my food. Then, sometimes, they may carry the animal and this animal started shaking its dirty hair all over the place.

Arrgggh…..dogs and cats are supposed to be UNDER the table. And if they dare to lick or nuzzle my leg, I will kick them away.

But no, this is animal is treated like part of the family. If I show any contempt, probably, the animal owners may start breaking tables and chairs and even my neck. Shouldn’t we ban pet animals from public places?

Errr…don’t flame me hor? If you think this is bad, got one blogger said it is OK to eat dog, so go there and add some charcoal, ok? Hope it melts the frozenlily.

25 thoughts on “Ban those pet s from public places!!!

  1. hoho there are people eating dogs in my hometown and my country too. hehe But I think dogs are not suitable to be brought out for a dinner at public places. Why must they bring them out? Probably to show off.

  2. if they sit down quietly on the chair, then it’s far by fine with me. Ya can’t help it Lilian, there are childless couples who treat their animals like family. Licking is a show sign of sayang ma…better than biting you? lol… and yes, ppl who eat dogs should be shot.

  3. Well, things are getting very different nowaday. I’m in the luxury hotel industry and eventually we have plan to set up a pets spa n daycare for those owner who got so heart broken to be separated from their pet while they dine in the restaurant as pets are not allowed. I would say there is plenty of Paris Hilton wannabe nowaday with their small doggie peekng out from the carrying case in Starbucks or any other eateries.

  4. thquah – I was at the huge makan place along Caunterhall Road and it was hot, packed and yes, the doggie shaking her body.

    Felicity – A few years back, when I was in Paris, I was already cussing the French people. Their doggies shitted all over the pavements and roads. One can’t sightseeing peacefully, need to avoid ’em shits. In Italy, some places even have these water flowing to clean the shit, making the road all wet and ewwwsss. That’s why I do not like the idea of us hot, tropical countries to adopt that kind of trend lor. Over there, never mind lar, at least colder, so not smelling offensive. Moreover, over here, dogs are not very acceptable to our Muslims friends mah.

    Cyber-red – Oh yeah, people do eat dog. Read Mun Kit’s reasoning? Nothing wrong one mah, just food mah.

    Surfnux – Everywhere people eat dogs, especially China, right? Good wor, keep the body hot and ada tenaga batin. LOL!

  5. sometimes I oso kenot tahan see ppl kiss & bring their pet here & there..wah..very geli..
    yala..wanna sayang, sayang at home lah..don show in public mah..interupt ppl only..ohh..sound like sour grape jealous to see couple dim..:p

  6. me ardent dog lover but i also DONT LIKE when ppl put the dog ON THE TABLE/CHAIR where i’m eating too!! THESE ppl & those who actually eat dog, OUGHT TO BE SHOT!! let me guess, the dog they tayang2 must be of some pure breed? oh yeah, it’s ILLEGAL to bring pets into public places unless otherwise stated (coz must get licence). Like in Ikano Power Centre, only certain areas/elevators are Pet Allowed. I so totally agree with the gahmen on the issue about training the owners 1st, dog later.

  7. I cannot tahan ppl who keep their dogs in the house. Don’t they know that those animal shed tonnes of hair each day and that could be hazardous to their health?? I mean we humans shed hair too, but at least ours is not as much.

  8. Haiyoh..nowadays I keep seeing chinese girls bringing their pet dog to shopping malls. They’re really pretty dogs..groomed and all…I almost thought it was a soft toy but really shouldn’t bring them to malls. It is a trend nowadays????? I even see them at restaurants. What is wrong with these girls!!!

  9. I am ok if lonely old man old lady bring their dog along, but it is a NO-NO for families or young people to bring their dog and sit on the chair.

  10. HEAR THIS – Both my atm and I lau sai-ed at 4am this morning. Maybe got cursed by pets lovers. LOL!

    Will comment later, now got something to blog.

  11. I can’t stand it when people let the pet eat from the same plate they eat. They even ‘kiss’ with the pets. I try not to eat at these people’s house, coz you just don’t know whether those plates have been licked by those animals or not. I really hate it when I see people let their pet eat from restaurants’ plates, coz I may use that plat!!! Yulk!

  12. dsaint – Ewwsss…yuksss. :O)
    lzbone – Wah, if I see the person gives the food to the animal with the restaurant plate, I sure fire the restaurant owner one. Got seen before ah?

    moo_t – Most people rear the animals for status symbol. How many people can afford RM2-4K for a dog? So, very ‘wai sui’ mah. If I can afford, I would also bring and tayang every where lor. And their upkeep must be more expensive than my kids upkeep.

    LOL, just buy pasar malam shirts and cheap Lux soap for my kids will do. Food – eat rice cheap cheap.

    Wilson – Some people let their babies sleep with the cats and dogs too. Oh well, its their life, right?

    S-Kay – Status symbol la, ada class, ada gaya.

    chrissy – The thing is the ones who can afford expensive dogs are the very ‘forward’ type of people. I got it, I flaunt it, beh sai meh?

    Msau – Yayaya, we are sour grapes. LOL.

    MG – Yeap, nowadays whenever I smell dogs’ poo, I will contemplate poisoning those animals and burn their units down. You see, my apartment had issued many warnings yet these people don’t care. They bring the dogs to the garden and make it the jamban. I HATE DOGS OWNERS like that.

    Mrs T – These people bring their pets all over the kopitiam and hawker centres. You know how cramped and packed, and badly ventilated too. And like lzbone said, they share the same plate!

    MMG – Yay, to dogs hater.

    But having said that, I also kesian them dogs la. Only the strays one, the little puppies.

  13. Oh i agree ,i most certainly wouldn’t eat with my cat hehe. Actually i know people who feed their pets off their plates gross,, needless to say i wouldn’t eat in their home if i was paid 2. Also kissing animals ,well i know a young girl that lets her dogs lick her face n kisses them.I think that is gross,her mum thinks of she just loves them eeewwy.

  14. Lilian, if the owner of the dogs have taken their time to clean and groom their dogsn, it wouldn’t be really dirty, would it?

    And by the way, one of the things I hate and immensely detest is seeing animals being kicked or mistreated like inanimate, lifeless objects… >_<

  15. HAHAHA, Andy, don’t worry, I only joked about kicking, I am not so garang. Scared you won’t dare meet up with me next time, in case I kicked some stray pets. LOL! Clean as in physically clean, yes. But I guess animals have their viruses/bacterias/furs etc so it is not suitable for mixing around with babies.

    Sweetspirit – I have the impressions that Caucasians are okey with the closeness with their pets. Surprise you agree with this point, being slobbered by the saliva etc is eewws indeed.

  16. Lilian, got lah, don’t know the restaurant owner know or not lah. Saw someone put the plate on the floor with some food, and then the dog eat/lick on the plate. disgusting.

  17. u guys are suck! we bring our dog go out with us is not for showing off. we pity our dog got nowhere to go and left alone at home. we just want them to be happy. Dogs have feeling like human do. Dogs licking face is not gross at all as long is not lick from mouth. hope all of u will step on dog poo and pee..

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