Doncha ever read the fine prints, maam?

Tell me I am not the only one. I am neither illiterate nor blind. I worked as a legal clerk before. I am pretty good with words. BUT I NEVER READ THE FINE PRINTS.

Do you? Or do you just blindly click the buttons like :

* I accept
* I am over 18 years old (and can surf XXX sites LOL)
* I have read the rules and regulations;
and etc

This morning, I woke up and found Paul on MSN telling this Ah Soh that I am not supposed to say ‘Click on my adsense’ because Google can ban my account. Thank you, Paul. When I get my USD100, I will belanja you, ok? Maybe by then, you will be old enough to get a credit card and doesn’t need belanja anymore.

OK, what I am curious to find out is do you all read every fine prints, rules, regulations, conditions? Say for e.g you sign up for Yahoo, Google, MSN free services etc., do you know what you are ‘I agree’ to? I did not even read Google Adsense rules. I just buta-buta sign up.

Is this a sign of ignorance, laziness or just plain dumb Ah Soh’s traits? Please tell me I am not the only one.

17 thoughts on “Doncha ever read the fine prints, maam?

  1. YOu’re not the only one, if its the Net I tend to click and more so shame on me as I verify every little print for the Companies I work for.

  2. Well, I do read every line if that service is vital, like hosting services.

    However, services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail, I just glance through.

    I’m aware of all those fine prints, just to avoid been sued. :p

  3. I NEVER BOTHER unless it has got to do with very important issues…things like emails and all….i just click “I accept” and be done with it =P

  4. Well it depends on the fine print and how lazy i am,hehe kinda speed read haha then click I accept.
    So Lilian do you think we should take the fine print in cyberspace more serious?

  5. i dun read the print either, but i read from LcF’s blog about the ‘don’t tell ppl to click part’.

    and also ‘don’t click your own adsense’.

    and also ‘wash your feet b4 you sleep’.

    ok that i made that last bit up…

  6. Nope.. you are not the only one.. 🙂
    I assumed it’s just the normal thing like everyone else.. so i just click i accept most times.. without even reading it.

  7. 5xmom, guilty as charged. never read fine prints. i dont think i can understand their goobledegooks. they dont write in plain english…and there aare reasons for that, am sure.

  8. So far, I signed up for 20 mail accounts, I didn’t read any rules and reglations. First is because they are waste of time, second, I think we won’t offend any of the rules and regulation by criticize them or copyright them, and third, when I signed up for my Japan Yahoo mail account, I can’t even understand a single of the word. All in Japanese. So, I signed up buta-ly

  9. i usually just scroll tru la.dont really read it.

    i wonder if u had put “click only if you are interested”,would it be allowed ah?

  10. I will like to spend the time to read more blog rather read through the fine print, anyway I guess when time come we will know what “no” and “don’t”.

  11. Auntie, most of us will just click “Next/Agree/OK” button, only lawyers read those regulations.

  12. wah… so long nvr update ur blog…got alot to read o.. soliya…no time to see all the blog 1 by 1…so left out ur blog..kekek…

  13. Elo – Milly – I lost your URL so can’t visit you and your mommy’s blog. Now that you come by, I will sure go see what your mommy had blogged.

    CLF – They should put a button ‘Whatever la’ for people like us who don’t care what is written. LOL!

    Twinsmom – Wait for someone to get burnt then baru we learn from them, hor? Easier that way.

    RB – *coughcoughcoughthoseRM5oneosoitembaksajacoughcough*

    MangoTan – 20 emails accounts? You got so many gfs issit? Hahaha.

    Kak Teh – Yalor, sometimes tried to read but after a few lines, forgot who is merchant, who is who etc.

    MrsT – Gimme a five.

    Simon – Ya thank goodness for all those IT and info blogs. Save us a lot of time and white hairs too.

    Sweetspirit – In our country, someone who sent out flaming email (old diva vs new singing diva case) was caught through their IP. So, I think there is a risk. Not that I am guilty of anything.

    S-Kay – I am not alone, after all.

    SapiensBryan – Hey you are from Penang? I checked out your blog, very informative. I think guys like you should read and then, summarise for blur sotongs like us. Hahaha, save us time.

    Romantic – We tend to be lazy when it is not ‘work’, right?

  14. Very lazy to see 1 by 1 ler and sooooo long winded. If need to pay or something really important then i will see the details but just rules very lazy ler.

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