What number to buy?

Simon asked. Here it is:
Watermelon = 3660


(woohoo, I know how to mosaic liao)

Actually, I was trying to organise my photos from the CDs and the three hard drives in my computer. Found this photo of 5xdad with a piece of watermelon. He was crossing the busy Air Itam road. One of my kid took photo of his papa buying Magnum 4D. I am still getting traffics from people searching for Magnum 4D, Da Ma Cai (damacai)and Sports Toto results. (to the overseas readers, it is a gambling game?/lottery)

I learnt this trick from someone. His blog got traffics from people searching for Perodua MYVI and cars so he blogged more. So, I bank in on getting those people expecting to strike it rich to come to 5xmom. Yeah, yeah, traffic whoring. So what? Beh sai meh? Mm duck meh? It is a boring Saturday nite because 5xdad is stucked to the TV watching badminton and I still haven’t taken dinner at 9.45pm.

Chup, chup, did I just say badminton? Badminton final = 2252

Happy weekend.

**Disclaimer : Ok, that is a humour post. I will blog about Pentecost and RCIA when I switch to Inspiration mode. After I fill my stomach first.

Happy Weekend to all!

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12 thoughts on “What number to buy?

  1. If i buy 0000 you think what is the chances of kena the lottery? Hai, so long i never buy 4D liao, but whole life also never kena before lah. Wasting money only.

  2. Hahahaha!!! watermelon!!! we’ll see if 3660 strikes this wednesday! btw i’ve never bought a ticket in my life…

  3. lilian, water melon is 3660 meh? or 660 or 366?? which 1? i tot only got 3 no n ourselve have to add 1 more word?

    haha…. here is my add..

  4. MRs T – I wonder if the Canadians are as engrossed us us Chinese here?

    mamibee – Frankly, don’t take what I said seriously. Hahaha. I copy the number from Magnum website. Cun or not, I dunno and no guarantee wan.

  5. wah 3660 you make up one ar! i thought for real luckily i read the comment… btw i’ve never contribute any money to lottery!

  6. Ashie – Not i make up la, Magnum website very canggih wan, you key in a keyword and you get 10 numbers to choose. Got red watermelon, watermelon, yellow watermelon…..You get the gist la. In the end, kita semua bankrupt.

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