Teenagers vs. Parents in discipline matters – Part One

I encountered something very disturbing yesterday evening.

Here is what happened –
Two teenagers girls (about 16-17 yrs old) were reprimanded in public by someone ‘in authority’. We were in a place where everyone is suppose to be silent but apparently, they made noises.

If you are a teenager – Imagine that your ‘teacher’ scolded you in the ‘public library’ with words like,
“I am so ashamed of your behaviour”
“You were entertaining the boys”
“I don’t know who your parents are yadda yadda yadda”
This scolding takes place in public, causing a human traffic jam.

If you are a parent – If you are the parents of the two girls (the girls are not related), how would you feel if you know about this? Would you sided your daughter and give the ‘scolder’ a piece of your mind? Or would you listen to the reasonings because there are witnesses around confirming that your kids are really making a nuisance?

I am still trying to figure. I was one of the ‘first hand witness’ and I am bloody pissed off with this matter. No comment for now. I will probably write my holy-moly theories later.