Gosh, those Penang goons!

A few weeks ago, one afternoon, we passed by the Jalan Udini roundabout. Several men were installing something that looks like those turbine ventilating fans with a huge chimney attached to it. It is grey in colour and looks horribly obscene ‘cos it reminds me of ‘phallic’. OK, my mind is pretty muddled with sexymum and James references about my photos alway have phallic symbols.

So, I asked the hubby if they are installing some ventilation for the underpass. Which does not make sense because it is not a long tunnel but just a short underpass. Upon looking closer, I found them to be lights. (roundabout so we have time to linger because of heavy traffic)

Few nights ago, we passed by again and I went….”Oh my gawd…look at that ugly thing!” I swear I am going to take some photos but my camera is in the shop.

Now, I just read that it cost the gahmen RM300,000 to put that dumb looking phallic things there. Gosh! I bueh tahan if I don’t blog this. Even if this is the 3rd blog of the day.

How can they rape the beautiful, demure looking, bunga raya I love so much and turned it sooooo fugly? How can, man? Hangpa tak dak kerjo lain ke? Tanam bunga raya kat jalan tu kan cantik? Buat apa nak pi bubuh batang-batang besak tu kat tengah jalan macam tu?

This is how hibiscus should look like. I took this photo in my apartment garden.

*sigh* I am so proud of my Penang island and these goons have better ideas to spoil the beauty. Maybe they have too much money to spend and too much power to throw around.

9 thoughts on “Gosh, those Penang goons!

  1. Euuuuu……whats that pink thing doing at a roundabout??? It’s so so UGLY……I can’t believe they spent money on that

  2. Maybe they are lazy to take care of the nature. But i still think it is a waste of money!!

  3. wow…it’s been a long time since I last seen a hibiscus. I used to blow the petals when I was young (and get scolded from my grandma for having ransacking her hibiscus garden). The small pores would eventually inflate. 🙂

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