Idea for Durex – Merdeka Special?


***Does this pink thing reminds you of something? Maybe Durex want to make bunga raya rubber, special edition for Merdeka?

Well, couldn’t resist quoting what was written about the above. Taken from The StarOnline – Penang edition.
When contacted, the council’s landscape and beautification committee member Khoo Kay Hean said the council had received numerous complaints about the structures.

“It is meant to be an artistic piece but sadly people do not know how to appreciate it,” he said, adding that minor changes would be made to the structures.

Mr. Khoo, that is not the way to rebuke criticisms. You don’t add fire to fire. And I wonder… minor changes = plenty more taxpayers’ money?

5xmom has this advice – If people accused you of having done something wrong, apologise with balls, even if it is the size of a pinang. If you want to hit back, find other appropriate time. Take a lesson in shitting?

12 thoughts on “Idea for Durex – Merdeka Special?

  1. They’re gonna make minor changes to the structures? They are already quite anatomically shaped, but as an improvement, I suggest that they make a teat end at the top to make it look more like the real thing. Some rib designs along the length ain’t such a bad idea either. You Penangites live such exciting lives!

  2. LoL!

    Yes, they need to apply more red tape everywhere. We should red tape everything we do in life.

    phbt! this is why we’re so backended in the world..

  3. Look pretty to me..???? no..??? *scratch head*
    I agree with you Lilian.. about apologising with balls.. 🙂
    Wish more ppl were this way.. 😉

  4. Pompit – Bila you balik Penang, you tengok sendiri lah. Hahaha, tourist attraction, konon. This is where Penang Bridge traffic comes out and also where those going to the airport will pass through.

    Kim – Eh, too big la, dinosaur also kenot fit.

    Mrs T – The thing looks exactly like those industrial factories’ chimneys. It is huge and grey in colour during the day.

    Oui Oui – Ya, we are suppose to have good taste. *ahak*

    Danny – Can you imagine the amount of money spent on them? The roundabout is dreary looking because it has a flyover, ground level road and an underpass. There are huge pillars and they add on more pillars, grey colour somemore! *haih*

    Viewtru – Maybe there are plans to draw tourists for different purpose? Those suggestive structures are very fitting then.

  5. Bad habits spread like plagues, so Penang MPP also infected by the Malaysia A$$head Councils diseases.

  6. (—-) (*Speechless*) I dunno what to say. Thats so ugly and theres so many of it too. And its supposed to be a beautification project you say? ()!!

  7. i have to lalu this stupid roundaboout every morning n evening as i live near that area. the first day i saw them ‘erected’, i told my fren that those things look soo very the obscene. she actually said i was the one who had a dirty mindset. to her those things looked nice n colorful ( btw they change color every 10sec or so) hah, now entire penang agreess with me.

  8. Hah…check out the roundabout today…and now they hv replaced the ‘tip’ / ‘head’ part with hibiscus !!

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