Prostitute or mistress?

In our RCIA course, we were given this question when we touched on morality. Our facilitator took a piece from ‘Dear Thelma’ and asked us, individuals comprising all ages, marital status, backgrounds, religions to ponder on the question. (Before one can be converted to a Catholic, we have to go through one year RCIA and ponder long and hard before baptism on Easter each year.)

“Would you rather have your husband visit a prostitute or keep a mistress?”

My big mouth blurted out a verse from Matthew where Jesus said something like ‘If you eyes caused you to sin, gauge it out. If your hands caused you to sin, chop it off etc’. I earned a clap from the facilitators, not for being uprighteous but for blurting out so easily, verses from the Bible. (we were all new to Christianity and hence very blur, you see.)

Now, when I look back it is really funny. I wasn’t being naive or uprigtheous, just being sarcastic. If only all the husbands in the world follow the religious teachings. I am sure the Quran and other religous books have the same guidelines about staying faithful in a marriage. Of course, this is wishful thinking.

Few days ago, I stumbled upon a forum (same format like my parenting forum) from our kiasu neighbour. Actually, I found a lot of searches in my webstats with certain humsup (lusty) keywords and tried them.

Whoaaa….it is damn funny because these bunch of men, both married and single would compare the quality of the prostitutes they patronised. Sort of like a product review which goes something like ‘Peitan’ (name of apartment) room number 123, gigi, she smells good, good bj, no french etc etc. Price SGD30.


Now, if you ask me, I will still say ‘chop IT off’!!! Except I am not talking about the hands but something else.

9 thoughts on “Prostitute or mistress?

  1. Prostitute or mistress? There shouldn’t even be an option! If cannot ‘tahan’, then go be a hermit or something. Or go do a D-I-Y for relief!

  2. Willwolf – Hahahaha, don’t be scared. I slaughtered chicken and killed rats only. Nothing harmless one.

    Bkworm – I wish men thinks like that leh. But apparently not. However, there are women who allows their husbands to patronise prostitutes because there is no string attached and there won’t be a son born (which is at risk of sapu all the estates). Yeah, some Chinese still thinks like that. Sad but true.

  3. Slaughter chicken and rats is bad enough oredi la, because that makes you a sifu in cutting “something” liao.

    If guys commit adultery, you can easily cut “it” because it sticks out “obviously” but if women commit adultery, then what le (eyes – gore it, hands – cut it, didi – slice it)? Nothing to cut le. Then how? Stuff it?

    Haha. Told ya. Scary ……

  4. Few years ago, we hosted a dinner at home. I was in the living room with my mom’s friends. One of the topics was about prostitution (KB near Thailand mah). One of the aunties told us- if my husband were to find a prostitute, I’ll ‘shiuppppp’ him off. At the same time, she showed her two fingers, signifying scissors.

    Ganas… šŸ˜›

  5. Well well well i agree with you 100% Lilian chop it off hehe.I think the best thing about staying single is i don’t have to deal with relationship problems anymore ;).Anyways here is some triva for you in Oz 85 % of men cheat and i was shocked to read that 45 % of women cheat “in oz” that is high hey.Well thats the stat’s from relationships Australia.
    cheerz gal wish u a nice week tcz

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