How not to go cuckoo while living with toddler

I have lost count of the number of times my toddler locked me out of a room. At 2 years and 3 months old, he is tall enough to turn the door knob. He developed this bad habit of pressing down the door lock. So, here are some guides to avoid going cuckoo while living with a toddler.

ONE – Always keep your spare keys way up high.
For your bedroom keys, make sure they are kept in the LIVING ROOM. You do not want a locked bedroom with no one inside. Some toddlers may get panicked and accidentally locked themselves in the room and later on, does not know how to turn the door knob.
I hope this ugly photo of my shelves with keys hanging everywhere will remind you to take this precaution. Remember my toddler threw my car keys out of the window?

Also – if you take your toddler to someone else house or a hotel, remember that he can do the same stunt. So, be prepared.

For my bathroom door, I have a latch on the outside and a turning lock inside. When I am inside, the latch cannot work. Otherwise, I would get locked in the bathroom. If toddler ran into toilet and locked himself inside, I can open the door with a coin.

CARS LOCK – Remember to disable those latest, gadgety car lock where it auto-lock within a few minutes you closed the door. Also, never leave a toddler in a car because it is very likely that toddler will lock the whole car with you outside, with the engine running. This happens all the time.

SECONDLY – The kitchen is a wonderful place to explore for an inquisitive toddler. Few days ago, he followed one of the brother into the kitchen. Later on, I heard him crying in a panicky voice. I found him sitting on the floor, screaming his hand pain-pain. Until today, I still cannot figure out what had happened. He could have turned over the laundry basket and press the hot water flask. So, always keep toddler off the kitchen. Use a barricade. Mine is a cheapo one, which costs about RM75.

THIRDLY, secure all doors. Including those at your babysitter/parent’s place. When babies/toddlers are mobile, they are everywhere. A strong gush of wind may cause the door to shut with a bang and end up with a smashed finger or toe or even worse. Use the door magnet or whatever gadget to see that doors do not bang.

If you have bigger children, always drill into them never to bang doors behind them. Especially car doors because they may accidentally shut the door in the younger sibling’s face. Repeat and repeat until they get it. Do not be lazy, make it a habit to close car doors for your kids until they are much, much older.

This is more to remind myself rather than others because living with a mini guy who commanded you to wo ouk (go out), jo jo jo (go,go,go), laiiiiii(come), li (carry), chit (sit) etc etc is damn nerve wrecking. I am worse than his slave or dog. I can’t even poo in peace.

I have many other ‘Home Accident Prevention’ tips gathered from my Infant CPR course. I will add salt and pepper to those tips when I have nice photos to accompany what I wanted to share. Tune in often!

14 thoughts on “How not to go cuckoo while living with toddler

  1. These are definitely very useful and practical tips! You could actually write a book for all the mothers (and fathers) of toddlers out there.

  2. Hehehe!! good thing .. my chloe well trained.. hahahaha!! in our old house she never goes into the kitchen.. when i am cooking.. šŸ™‚
    If i am not cooking .. she knows.. the runner just in front of the stove.. is out of bound. She will not step on it.. or go near to it.
    She haven’t learn to lock doors yet.. but yes.. she closes it on us… all the time.

  3. Car auto-lock features – the stupidiest alarms feature ever made.

    Hmmmmm, toddler safety? I can’t remember how I grew up without getting hurts. šŸ˜‰ Perhaps there is less dangerous appliance back then.

  4. hahah…last time my mom nvr use the barricade…v noe mymom is cooking..nv dun dare to go in…cos mummy will scold…when i was small.. i seldom go to kitchen 1… hmm..this show tat my mom trained us well…!! hey mamibee..!! hahaha

  5. haha i’ll have to send ya some pics of yrs ago ,,i actually made a whole divider blocking of kitchen and dinning area ,i’ll send ya one by next month i”m such a handy man hehe handy mum… Hey Lilian i hope you’ll enter my t shirt comp Wet t shirt haha just joking gal …. We’ll catch up soony tcz

  6. barricade! RM75! same as mine but I bought at RM110 ler…Jadi water fish liao lah…

    Its very useful lah… to stop SQ run away from bedroom when I slept..hahaa

  7. Mango – Your eyes so sharp. That’s right, Da Vinci Code, the fiction. Love the suspense.

    Msau – the basic is RM75 and the extension is RM12 for each section.

    Sweetspirit – Please do! I did not know you are such a DIY woman. Wet t? Wow, let me check it out tonite.

    Milly – I also dunno why. Last time, my nieces and nephews also not so kacau but kids nowadays…My 2 yrs old will turn the gas knob leh.

    moo – Yeah, one of the mom got her baby lock inside before. My Naza Ria also have this annoying thing – after 30sec-60sec of pressing the remote, you have to open the door or else it will self lock again.

    Mrs T – Hahaha, Chloe will keep you busy, for sure.

    fishtail – Hahaha, it is no fun writing a serious book.

  8. Sweetspirit – Hahaha, for a sec, I thot you are in wet tshirt.

    Mango – Wah, you eyes si-beh sharp hor? That book is about 20 years old, when Stephen Covey was still hot. It is useful. So is ‘Thick Face, Black Heart’ by Ching Nin Chu. Skills that will equip you for life.

  9. Hi, can I ask you where to get the RM75 barricade? Most of the safety gate I saw are quite expensive. My 6 months old girl is very hyper active right now. I just gotta have one

  10. Zach – if you are from Penang, it is sold along Kimberley Street. There is a row of 3 shophouses selling all these kiddies stuff. Kimberley Street is one of the road off Penang Road. I have seen a better model in GAMA supermarket too but a bit more expensive.

  11. Oh dear, I’m from KL btw, seems like everything in KL is sooo expensive! *Lol*
    I’m a fan of your blog, tips from experienced mom is very helpful. Thanks!

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