Lunch with William So


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*sigh* Had been out and about town since lunch time. Had lunch at this Hongkie style cafe called IceIceBaby and saw this guy that looks familiar. If he had not talked, I could have passed him as just another Ah Beng. But that voice is familiar, so is the chin. But bleargh, he is not tall, dark nor handsome like in the photo. Just to be sure that it is indeed William So, I asked the waiter. Yeap, I had lunch with William So!

I told my sons but none knows him. So kesian, William. Otherwise, I would have snapped some pics with my SE630.

Anyway, the food is nicer than the hunk. It is fun having cheese fondue with my kids. Only wish they have foie gras.

The seats are those back-to-back type and this botak, loud-mouth apek was shouting away on his handphone. I had wanted to ask my toddler to dump the boiling cheese on his already bald head to make it completely bald. *sheesh* By the look of it, this guy is out ‘thau sek’ (curi makan/cheating) with some young girl. *shush, shush, stop gossiping and making assumptions about other people, woman* It is true, when you have lunch at 3pm, there seems to be some strange over-aged men with young girls. I think with my Z3 camera and ample time I have, I can earn a good living being a private detective or blackmailer. Good choice of career?

22 thoughts on “Lunch with William So

  1. 5xmom, go for it..private detective, and come back and tell us what u see/hear. bawa baby sekali and no one will suspect anything, hehe!

  2. ooops should read…..wah.. Lilian discovered cure for baldness with cheese fondue hehehehe

  3. I never really liked William So.. except for one hong kong tv series he was in.. he was gay.. in the movie… and he died of aids..! from saving someone.. hahahha! how ironic right..??

  4. Wow! You saw William So?? Ok, ok, I am not a fan but anytime there’s a celebrity, I still get all excited like a kid!

  5. Guess what. Just now i met Jacky Chen at the california fitness and i feel freak and wanna vomit at this moment. kd oni

  6. Lilian, you almost deceived me! I thought you were literally ‘having’ lunch with him..apalah..potong steam =P anyway, that must be fun for ya..

  7. I met Jacky Chan at one small town in Mentakab before. I told this to all my friends but no one believes me. I saw him acting the film show ‘Who Am I’ at there about 7 years ago. My first encounter with international star.

  8. Your article reminded me of previous encounter with Catherine Zeta Jones and her entourage in Shah Alam reserved forest doing Visa International Commercial with lots of Orang Utans(I guess will be out in Malaysia soon). It was excited as I got the chance to shap a photo with her before going back to the State.

  9. Purple Girl – He was sitting there at first. I did not notice until one cun chick came in, run and sat beside him and give him a big kiss baru I notice. I guess if you are there, you would be asking for a photo and autograph.

    Chief – Hahaha, not suitable for you.

    Ahslee – Frankly, if I am face to face with some celeb, I wonder if I would want to give them the pride of approaching for a photo. And what if they ignore us, malu ya?

    Mango – Wah… Jacky Chan wor….. Big star leh.

    Cyber-red – I whoring for attention mah, abusing misleading titles. Kahkahkah, at my age, why would William So have lunch with me leh? Unless I am 21 yrs old and have a Msian tycoon father who can afford to finance W.S. movie.

  10. Ashie – Hahaha, You mean Jacky Cheung (my fav) or Jacky Chan?

    Bkworm – Actually, I do like William So for his squarish chin, lips and the way when he talked. He got a nice baritone voice and when he speaks Cantonese, it has a slang. Too bad he did not have that many TVB serials. I had watched a few of his movies and series.

    Mrs T – Hahaha, he is not bad, he sings too. And he got small eyes.

    Romantic – That guy was really annoying for speaking so loud, just behind me, separated by the chair cushion only. Wanting to show off he got some big biz, I suppose.

    Angelic – Funny thing is all the young girls there did not notice him, but me, this old auntie. Says something, huh? I ogle young men. LOL!

    Kak Teh – I know of a few ex-colleauges who usually go for afternoon rendevous, check in hourly rate hotel and such. Good biz for a private detective, right?

    Jolene – He has a concert in Genting in June. I read it on the net. Maybe he got a Penang girlfriend ‘cos the cun chick with him must be the gf ‘cos she was kissing him. I think she has shares in that cafe.

  11. Chanlilian as detective, good career. I was wondering about this, all these time we are seeing private detective in movie, but in Malaysia where to find them?

  12. mystic – He is one of HK better known singer cum actor. I was and still am regular followers of Astro Wah Lai Toi so I do know a bit of the actors. Mostly actors. Tua keladi. LOL!

    Mr Kiasu – Over here? We have the kadi to tangkap basah and the gang of housewives to attack too. Hahaha, serious, you know? Last time, a gang of married women go and attack one of the man’s gf. Wah… ugly scene, I tell you. It happened in my own office. So dramatic!

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