Life’s loofah

**This post is NOT suitable for men. Go surf porn sites?**

I learnt some life lessons while showering with a piece of loofah. I suppose if I am going to spend an hour in the bathroom, I might as well do something useful.

This is also a follow-up of my Part of One of Must Women Prim Themselves? In answer someone’s question on what is a loofah the photo above is a loofah. A kind of vegetable, when dried, turned into a sponge-like thing. Use for scrubbing when showering.

I was having a discussion about maintaining ‘saham tinggi’ (high share prices) even after marriage and kids with a group of young mothers. Being 40, 5 kids and a ‘I do not care if I live till tomorrow or another 100 years’ attitude, I guess some of them do take my words rather seriously. So, girls, go out and invest on yourself, ok? Of course, there is a limit to it too.

Back to loofah. I started taking care of my skin religously from about 20 years old, I think. Afforded my first set of Clinique at 24 years old and since then, haven’t look back since. The quality of my skincare depends on my financial situation. There is no excuse of not having enough money to take care of your skin because even off the shelves products also serve their purpose if you use them religiously. Nivea, Ponds, St. Ives, L’oreal are pretty affordable, no?

Imagine….when you switch off the light, the men will not see so much of the extra pounds BUT he can feel those rough skins and eeekkk…hairs on your limbs! Certainly, you do not want the man to feel like he got a mason, carpenter or contractor in bed with him, do you? How to have smooth skin then? Loofah! Pumice stone! Moisturisers – for the body type. My current product is St. Ives Whipped Moisture.

I shall stop here for the day. Remember – take good care of yourself. Once you are over 25 years old harga saham kian menurun because gravity takes over. Many will find themselves with loose skin under the chin, eye bags, pigmentation and other nightmares. It spells ‘HAGGARD’.

Life’s lesson from loofah is – Life will give us all sort of rough times, trying situations, challenges and many tough things but we will come out of it, a lot better. Like our skin, scrub it with loofah and you will end up with smooth, shiny, beautiful skin.

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15 thoughts on “Life’s loofah

  1. I am so bad at this, women who actually do this are going to be shocked. But I am going to run now and buy a loofah if thats the only thing that it takes to have me smooth skin. Is it really šŸ™‚

  2. I love loofah and have been using it in my 20s. What I do is I buy the long one, made from some kind of ‘labu’. My Sarawakian friend said they make their own loofah over there. Then I just cut it into a few pieces, the size that fit my hand…save a lot of money that way.

  3. mama22beas – Yalar, it a piece of labu only but cost a bomb in those more expensive stores like BodyShop. Mine is from Tesco.

    Shamira – After all those scrubbing, remember to moisturise also or else skin can be dry. And yeah, remember to wet it first or else it is worse than sandpaper. LOL!

    mystic – It takes a bit of getting used to, I think. My 2 yrs old can stand the rubbing, you know.

    Simon – Hahaha, you need more education from 5xmom. LOL, never see it that way.

    Joe – I hope your gf will not go, “What, are you saying I am not pretty/smooth/nice enough for you?” You know girls la, sometimes good intention can get backfired. Let me warn you first, ok?

    James – That’s the trick.

  4. Yes.. Lilian,
    I believe alot in skincare too.. but with a toddler now.. i really have to nudge myself .. ALOT..!!

  5. Woah lau eh!! Luckily u reminded me of this. Yes, true enough!. Who knows she will say “Yes ah? From today onwards, you must scrub & moisturise it for me! Hmphh!” This is better than kena TOTO šŸ˜€

  6. Huh ? The Loofah does wat ?? Smoothes your skin ? (O_o) Really ? (o_O) .. mmm nvm nvm my gf got smooth skin liao… šŸ˜›

    And in unison wit Simon, i thought the pic was a piece of cheese lol :PpP

  7. Gloves work better for body contours and angles when you ain’t got spiderman hands. Non-slip and cheaper too. But yes, a good scrub does make your skin feel wonderful after.

    Incidentally, with a toddler, after an HOUR (!)in the bathroom, the whole house may have wrecked!

  8. woo hoo..lilian, thank you for reminding me.

    I have forgotten to apply body are one good source of advices and reminders!

    loofahs are expensive, aren’t they? the last time I bought one, cost me about ƂĀ£3 (abt RM21)..

  9. yeah I totally agree.. sometimes of the shelves products work just as well! you still looking for somethng for my dark eye rings…bahhh

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