Oh, those fatso!

As you age, you tend to become more tolerant, more understanding and accept people for what they are. Fat or thin, you know they are meant to be like that.

But no matter how I try, I just cannot get it! Why oh why do they have to bare their bottoms, fats, tummies for all to see? I heard from Austin Power that they also do not wash their loin cloths. Ewwsss….

I also cannot understand what can be so nice about two fatso lifting each other, then throwing rice all over the place. And their hairstyle, no words can describe.

Okay, I know it is their culture and tradition. But if you are channel surfing and chanced upon those sumo wrestling competitions, you tend to rant, ok? Huh? You think I am demeaning fatso meh? I am talking about sumo wrestlers, okay? I am also fat lah. So is Mrs T, so is Jenn and Mudpond. But we are happy!

The only people who looks good when fat are babies.

I got plenty of fat tales to share but more later. This blog has gotten those icky feelings of watching too much sumo wrestling out of my system for the time being.

So, who can tell me what is so nice about sumo wrestling?

14 thoughts on “Oh, those fatso!

  1. Well, at 26 … I ain’t growing taller but definitely growing sideway. I think I will join your fatso group in a year if I don’t keep now. Back to the gim I guess … hehe

  2. Awwwww…baby Matthew is so cute!! Reminds me of myself when I was younger. Used to be so pooped out after running around the house and my mum will strip me to bathe. But instead of following her into the bathroom, I will just fall asleep on the bed with my baby bolster..heheh šŸ™‚

  3. Striptease from Penang huh? Mom, he may sue you later for phaedophilia… Hihihi… Another B.U.M Jr. new ads.

  4. what a cutie eh. Well as for sumo’s gross ,but Lilian have you ever seen pic’s of a yobbo aussie.So gross they wear shorts with their gut hanging out and half their crack.Pfft and ppl complain about gals mid-drift jeans.
    cheerz tcz

  5. got p0rn? šŸ˜‰

    I don’t know what’s so nice about the sumo’s but I have a calendar full of sumo wrestlers courtesy of my host mother from Japan.

    When I went to Japan, there was a sumo competition going on. My host grandpa was glued to the TV and he was cheering. I understood nuts!

  6. Oi!!! me not fatso leh! me just chubby (err okay too old for that) or rather, pudgy. Still can squeeze into a size 10 leh! lol!!! šŸ˜€

  7. aaa…my heart melts. when I see babies’ bum..so cute.

    Your son is adorable (from behind lah, although can’t see the face)

  8. wahh i wanna bite his USB!! my boiboi was chubby too when he was a baby, darn cute when i looked back at his old pics but now he’s very tall and slim.

  9. Such a cute cubby butt, reminds me of Alysha’s when she was younger. Nothing beats the site of a cubby little baby. As for sumo’s, all I can say is “Yuk”

  10. Sharmira – This is the day of the fully breastfed time, when he was so chubby. After 9 mths, he no longer chubby.

    Babe – Ya, so geram wanna bite. Babies are best for cubit between 8mths to 2 yrs.
    Percolator – Hahaha, soli soli.
    Eileen – Oh wow, did the sumo wrestlers turn you on? LOL!
    Sweetspirit – ewwwss, never seen before.

    Sorcy – hey, I miss IRC with you! Now no more cute butt to pinch liao.

    Romantic – Hahaha, I asked him who, he said baby.

    9T9 – partial exposure only

    Angelic – Awww, you must have been so cute!

    Kenjiro – Nvm, you can exercise and eat less.

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