$$$$adsense$$$$$$ and Malaysian Bloggers forum

I installed Google Adsense last week for my Penang Faces blog. And with some wise advices from LiewCF and those guys from MalaysianBloggers, I am looking at money trickling in. It is very encouraging. So, I got greedy and have installed adsense for this blog too. Being the traffic whore that I am, I even installed adsense on my old blogs at blogspot which is the original 5xmom and PenangFaces. Aha….I have advanced to adverts whore now. Donch care about traffics now, only care about clicks, page impression, page CTR, page eCPM. LOL, frankly, I don’t know what they are!

Seriously, if you are a blogger, join Malaysian Bloggers. It has an online forum with a nice community where you can exchange notes about blogging and life in general. The nice guys there can help you iron out all the nitty-gritty stuffs faced by new bloggers. (this message of course is for the new bloggers from my parenting forum and not to be taken seriously as a bible for bloggers,ok?)

On an unrelated note, I receive several hits searching for Perodua Myvi. I wonder why? Have I mentioned anything about cars and Perodua in my blog? Hmmmm? Scratching head. Perodua Myvi is Paul’s area.

9 thoughts on “$$$$adsense$$$$$$ and Malaysian Bloggers forum

  1. I once got a hit via a search engine with the keywords “uitm sex”. U know to which post? This one: http://narrowband.blogspot.com/2004/11/malaysias-recent-top-3-bolehs.html (btw, I couldn’t <a href=””></a> a link here in comment box). (sorry ah, but I didn’t mean to blogwhore until I saw our similarity. Blearh! Think of it as a trackback, k? :D)

    Seriously, you think that adsense thingy work? I’m skeptical. I believe there’s no free lunch – But if you do make money, must blog about it u knoe!! And how much. (But usually, nobody clicks those ads wan leh…)

  2. rofl you are mentioning “Perodua Myvi” now… and again i read it before in your post.

    You consider to bought one when it launch soon?

  3. Woahh… did u hear tat? If not mistaken, it sounds like “ka-chinggggg”. Looks like I don’t need to buy TOTO anymore.

    Leng loi Lilian ah, can u link me ah? 🙂

  4. Hahaha, Mango, good boy. Saya tidak dibenarkan memberitahu sesiapa tentang pendapatan saya dan juga tidak boleh menyuruh semua orang tolong picit-picit itu butang. Kahkahkah, it is the rules. Or else google can suspend the account. Tetapi setakat ini, 6 hari, saya untung sebanyak duit Amalika tiga. Sudah kaya lor.

    Narrowband – It is so natural for me to share-share the same sentiments/topics/blogs. Because to me, it is like exchanging thoughts. But oh well, some people are too sensitive about that. So, next time, you drop by here, feel free to share but be careful when you are elsewhere hor?

  5. Ashie – Hahaha, this is the trick la. Purposely mention the latest ‘in’ word and then, pretend, pretend, got meh, I got mention meh. Because the search engine damn best, all trapik terus masuk. Hahaha.

    Joe – Sure-sure, I will add as soon as I tweak my buttons. Usually, I add everyone who drops by. That’s why my list so long.

  6. Aaaaah! the last of the purists have given in to Adsense…! Now they taken over every single malaysian blogger…!

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