10 thoughts on “No one felt the tremors?

  1. Whoa, lucky I was sleeping or else I have to do another FILA t-shirt stunt with only my toddler. Scary…

    Thanks fishtail, Nilesh for confirming that I wasn’t dreaming after all.

    Li – Thanks for the link, will check it out.

  2. No wor. Got such thing meh? Yesterday I chatted with Milly until 1 sumthing, and then study for exam until 2 something,and then 5 sumthing woke up. Really didn’t feel anything wor. Got meh?

  3. Got ler, this morning at 10am. I asked my kids who are in school, they told me tak perasan pun because they are having exams. 6.7 this time.

  4. No woh. 10am? I started to have my telecon with Indonesia colleague, didn’t feel anything, maybe I was too concentrated…? Is this real?

  5. Errmmm… what’s happening huh? Very frequent earth quake. Malaysia used to be very peaceful 🙁 It’s a sign, ain’t it?

  6. I felt it. I was in the office at that time and I saw my monitor flicker for a second or two. It was very brief, I say less than 5 seconds.

  7. KS – I wonder how many times our highrise buildings can withstand this tremors. It is almost like once every month. Wah..better dun scare you, hor?

    Joe – I am getting paranoid now. Want to go beach holiday also worry, want to leave the older kids at home for a short trip to the shop, also worry. Now instead of ‘don’t open the door to strangers’, it is ‘in case of earthquake, follow our neighbours evacuate, ok?’ *sigh*

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