Bloggers don’t need awards, or do they?

Nope, this is not a sour grape rantings. I am much too sweet a person to be sour.

Sometime back, a relatively new blogger pulled a prank and dished out ‘awards’. I dropped a comment to tell him that he got balls. Another relatively new blogger got pissed off, Kah Soon because this other blogger gave the title ‘Most pathetic awards’ to Kah Soon.

Kah Soon retaliated with a very long and angry post. Again, I dropped by Kah Soon’s comment board and told him….right, he got balls. Hahaha, I am running out of compliments, you see. A few other guys were pissed off with Kah Soon’s retaliations and jumped on me why I praised Kah Soon.

So, you see, the mere mention of any awards name will bring out the worst in a person. Even a simple, play-play ones already did that.

But I am sure PPS’s awards will not cause any ugly scenes. Because Kenny Sia rules. Full stop. Kenny is the flavour of the year. Full stop. He wins all categories. Full stop. Ping of the year is that April Fool’s entry. Full stop.

There is a few veteran bloggers who do not ping to PPS and hence, I must say they do not ‘qualify’ like Dr. Liew and Jeff Ooi. But they are the best around the Malaysian blogsphere so far. (See doc and Jeff’s shoes shiny yet or not?)

So, shall we forget about the PPS awards now that we know the winner? Let’s instead write meaningful blogs? I know a lot of people have very good blogs which they do not ping to PPS. I hope they will. Many of them are shining examples in their own categories, students, survivors, humour, inspiration, informative and etc.

As for me, awards or recognition matters very little. What I care is the traffic. To me, more traffics mean more people are sharing some of my ideals. But the most flattering of them is the links. I often check my Technorati to see who links or quoted me/my blog. It is not the glory of numbers but the knowledge that these people are watching and hence, it pushes me to do something nice, something right and something with a purpose.

Today, I would like to share two blogs that are not seen in PPS.

Moving on – FY’s blog has touched me. Instead of the usual dose of melancholy and melodramatic stuffs that most people wrote about being dumped by their bfs or gfs, she moved on. Her bf died of leukemia and in her blog, you can sense her fighting spirit.

Life and death – Vagus is a doctor. It is heart-warming to read some of his thoughts when dealing with patients. (pssstt…SYTs out there, handsome too)

So, at the end of the day, I think it is not the awards that matter but how we touched people with some of our written words. Whether you have made someone smile, laugh, touched, ponder or just plain pissed off, you have made a difference. Having said that, if you guys haven’t nominated me and think you want to try out what WIKI is, please do so. Please nominate my No No to blackground posting. HOHOHOHO!!!!

My guinea pigs are:
Viewtru – Blog of the Year
Like that also can ah? (Simon) – Neophyte

Please go and nominate for them?

15 thoughts on “Bloggers don’t need awards, or do they?

  1. The purpose of PPS Award is to celebrate PPS’s birthday. Don’t need too serious and hurt feeling.

    Just like all others awards – Do not get award, doesn’t mean the blog is not good. Got award, also doesn’t mean everybody like it.

    As long as we are happy then keep on blogging lah~ (P/S: and earn money online!)

  2. Yeah, Liew, earn money. Wah..that’s the best feelings. $$$ eye liao.

    Minishorts – Hahaha, tks for dropping by.

  3. I don’t know what to say, blogging is like in the real world. The ugliest ppl always get the prize, cause they know how to make themselves look good. I don’t bother about the award at all, didn’t they just mention that blogging is none competitive? No, the thing is that in the real world + in the blogsphere, the most popular and powerful ones get to set the rules.

    But if ppl like jeff ooi wins, i will be pretty happy.

  4. I think KahSoon’s case with Dog is just an example of how freedom of speech is exploited in a weblog. A place where people may speak their minds wihout care of anyone who might come front and oppose it. Unlike reality where if something like this breaks out, they’ll just end up beating each other silly.

    I admit that such things would cause a stir but I would have rather ignore the fog and let people come to my website giving me free traffic.

    Awards can boost and sometimes destroy the author of a weblog. I too agree there are much more worthy blogs out there but PPS is just a small underground non-profit organization at this moment. Only people who know about it, visit it.

    Hence a post that I read somewhere once saying how an author’s friend said if he pings PPS, it’s just low and unworthy because the ping instantly disappears within 10 minutes.

    Anyway, better just end it there. Much too long a comment to be posted. And it’s the longest I’ve placed here so far. šŸ˜› Sorry about that Lillian.

  5. Correction, Lilian: Jeff Ooi does ping PPS (in a way), except that his entries appear on the sidebar. So technically, he IS a PPS blogger (after all, he was one of the co-founders..)

  6. lilian,

    too bad u can keep track of other people’s bookmark coz i dun put link on my blog. all my favorite’s are in the bookmark šŸ™‚

    easier to add like that. so many interesting blogs around and many did not ping to PPS.

  7. Absolutely agree. I nominate this post as *makes-most-sense ping in PPS* šŸ˜€

    I am amused I even got nominated at all seeing as how I have no traffic, no bells and whistles, no consistency, no balls…bla… Heheheh!

    I’m just pleased as pun ch to be here; a pinging
    member of this noisy, cantakerous crowd of incredibly comic and and sad, wise and stupid, kind and vicious, brilliant and dumb, naive and sophisticated, noble and cowardly people ever…

  8. LCF said it right — the awards is not about winnging or losing. Its about recognizing the efforts of our own community, and saying to that person, “I see you. Well done.”

    By being part of the community of bloggers, those who ping pps or those who don’t, already makes us winners in a way.

  9. Mr Kiasu said: “blogging is like in the real world. The ugliest ppl always get the prize.”

    I don’t wanna play liaw. šŸ™

    But in all seriousness.

    You made a point and I agree. We don’t need awards or what not to tell us that our blogs are good and our balls are big. Our traffic is an indication of that. We don’t need to be too sour grapes about it.

    I like the idea of PPS Blog Awards only because this is one voted by your blogging peers, unlike other awards that can be voted by your non-blogging readers. It gives it a bit more credibility that way.

    But hey, even if I didn’t win, I take comfort in knowing that there’s a lot of ppl who read my site.

  10. *wipe cold sweats and rub cold sweaty palms*
    Hahaha, I hope no one reads between the lines and then, confused the commentors and the blogger. I said what I want to say on the blog. The commentors said what they want to say in the comment board.

    I shall not read between the lines. Tata, folks.
    *go hide in corner and contemplate what I have done, AGAIN!, wrong*

  11. Aha! Lilian, you realise now that this topic can come up with so many different viewpoints? Oh BTW, this ‘guinea pig’ does treat the whole affair as one big laugh. I see the world differently. Life, to me, is meant to be savoured, enjoyed, and laughed at. I hope you don’t mind not seeing a more serious attitude in your candidate! I am too far gone to change.
    Luv your sentence:
    “Whether you have made someone smile, laugh, touched, ponder or just plain pissed off, you have made a difference.”
    Right on, baby!

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