Don’t blog or talk about Star Wars, can ah?

I visited :

My favourite photoblog, Kervin blogged about Star Wars

My regular Messy Christian‘s blog – she blogged about Star Wars

Visit The Top Ten Man – Simon blogged about Star Wars

The Rojak Man – also blogged about Star Wars

Then, trying to surf for some fashion news at Fashionasia and…
yeap, you guessed it right – she blogged about Star Wars too!

Looks like only The Hustler and Jeff Ooi haven’t blogged about Star Wars. Apalah ni. Whylah everyone must blog about Star Wars? Boring, you know? I have limited choice of blogs to read now. Everyday have to read Hustler’s suggestion for Eating Out and Jeff’s news (sorry, not Jeff boring but I never like to read real news).

Let me tell you why I hate Star Wars. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I went dating with an ex-bf. It was the second or third Star War movie, I think. Damn, I don’t remember a thing about any of the movie, ok? There was one scene where they chase Luke Skywalker (?) in the jungle. Those tiny things were flying all over the trees. The scene is very chiqik (full of suspense) but guess what was I doing? I was snoring in the cold comfort of the cinema aircon. Of course, I got dumped by that bf ler. What else?

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Then, later, with my now-husband. When I was pregnant with my first son, he made a joke that almost caused him his life. He called me that Jabba the Hutt (right name ek?). Wah….I almost sat on him till his intestine comes out of his butt!

Another one – when I was only in my late teens (or is it 20s?), my second brother called me Yoda because he said my double chins reminds him of the wrinkly Yoda. And that bad brother of mine also said I look like that robot – 3PO or is it R2D2? The tall, silver one. Because I was so thin and lanky and nerdy (and yeah, with double chins).
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So, forgive me if I HATE STAR WARS. I am going to boycott everyone who blog about Star Wars. Good thing is my kids are all having their semester exam and have no interest in Star Wars.

All ye who hate Star Wars, please say aye!
And whoever dare to call me Jabba, prepare to die.

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36 thoughts on “Don’t blog or talk about Star Wars, can ah?

  1. *hugs* Aww.. don’t fret. I’m not that much into Star Wars, actually. The only reason I have continued to follow the Star Wars saga is to ogle at the space combat CG and lightsaber duels.

    By the time I watched episode, I found myself going gaga over Yoda’s lightsaber showdown. Hahaha.

  2. Rub salt, you must not – Yuin

    Silencers – OK, I baru surfed some sites. The first one was in 1977 so I was only 13 years old. Childhood trauma, I guess.

    Fashionasia – I decided to plug your blog too. Hahaha.

    eLaine – yeah, gimme a five.

  3. Nay……!!!
    *saliva flying all over*
    Jabba~ Jabba~ Jabba~ :pbpbpbpb

    *hide hide*

  4. I’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie ever. I don’t know who is who, what is what, where is where, how is how.
    But i’ll probably be watching it with the boyfriend after the exams. and maybe i’ll be like u too..fall asleep in the cinema ! šŸ˜›
    hopefully he won’t leave me lahh..

  5. Like you, I hate Star Wars too! (Sorry to all Star wars fans out there!)

    Thank God you won’t boycott me cos I’m not blogging about SW!


  6. Kuang kuang kuang …. I so relate to this. Try being called Jaja Bing!!! ………… Aye! Aye! Aye!

  7. Haiya, Star Wars…nothing but hype.

    BUt I can watch episod 4-6 again and again. Dulu punya best, now…like chicken shit only. Arghh…why mess with a winning formula??!!



  9. Feel the POWER of the DARK SIDE of the FORCE!
    You want to get revenge on those who called you Jabba?

    Then JOIN US! Embrace The Force! Unleash IT’S POWER!


  10. hahahaha… i’m with you on this lilian šŸ™‚ for no particular reason actually. juz dun really like movies with sequels. not patient enuf to wait for the next one and by then i wud have forgotten the earlier movie’s storyline.

  11. Can’t blog about it yet…but maybe after tonight!! šŸ˜‰ How not sleep and eat and breathe Starwars when hubby is a die hard fan of anything remotely resembling Starwars!

  12. Yoda says,
    “Call you ‘Jabba the hutt’ he did not.
    Affected your hearing, the pregnancy did.
    Cos your ‘pat thor’ swelled(‘huat’).
    So called you ‘Char Bor the Huat’ he did.”

  13. When I was young (below 10yrs old) I liked “Return of the Jedi” due to the ewoks and their tree huts,on top of the light sabre! :p though not crazy about SW, I don’t hate it…. *heheh, runs away*

  14. Hey there Jabba, you just blogged about Star Wars and I’m gonna boycott your blog. nyek. nyek.


    Go to my blog for more STAR WARS! STAR WARS! STAR WARS! haha…

  16. wars…tmr I’m watching….not a super big fan of it but having watched the first 2 parts, you can’t possibly miss out the last one =P I remember watching the luke skywalker ones when I was a kid…all i remember was harrison ford..thats all..storyline..semua lupa =P

  17. Heyyy… watching SW is no more fun if middle of the show, “ring ring” “beep beep” “tooo tooot!” can be heard. So put your phone on silent eh?

  18. Kekeke… 5xmom, I oso dun understand why people like star war. In fact, I never watched any series of it from beginning till the end. I watched first 10 min when I was a kid, then I decided I stopped.

    The start wars talks on blogs been making my head big too.

  19. Aiyo, everyone here STar Wars Haters issit??? Just watch SWIII, thought it was beyond great. Then again i’m a geek

  20. Wah, he called you Jabba ah? So daring. You must have been BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGG.

    I think I’ll blog about Star Wars. Maybe I copy one of your photos and photoshop it with Jabba’s body. Hahahahahahahahhahahaha! Too far away, I am. Kill me you can’t.

  21. Yay!Feel better to know not everybody likes star wars. I dont. But still have to be good companion to hubby and sit through the show. He has booked tickets for next Wed. Will consider it part of congenial duty ! (correct word ah?)

  22. Die die, so many opinions. How to reply individually. NVM, thank you to all those who say aye and thank you to all those Star Wars fans for not flaming me.

    Viewtru – Hahaha, You are a true blue fan, I know that. Your blog intro said it all.

  23. Aiyoh, poor thing … (pat pats). If you want to know, my first time watching Star Wars – it was Empire strikes back I think – I was eight years old. I was so terrified of the whole movie that I spent the entire time with my hands over my face. šŸ˜›

  24. Ayoh bad experience at cinema and get equated with some un savioury characters, pat back. Well I’m a sci fi junkie, but not exremist. Wonder how many people went dressed up in costume for the screening in Kl, anyone seen any Darth character or wookies running amuck at Mid Valley recently. Another note, the older trilogy was best the newer ones though with some memorable scenes can’t equal them but the third installment is better than the first two, though love story such as Padme and Anakin or Aragon and Arwen should not be the main thrust of the story (run away asap from all the lovey dovery movie watchers before kena belasah).

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