Preacher preaching on commenting

I just stumbled upon this very eye-opening advice while surfing back. I do not know who Random blog reader is but I found what he (I guess it is a he) wrote to be so wise and hence, I am copying and pasting this from the comment board of UnderDog. (April 1st 2005)


Random blog reader said…

It saddens me to see how “sporting” some can be in the heat of criticism. Ever heard of the saying – No Statue Has Ever Been Erected To A Critic?

So a blog is an extension of one’s personal diary…an online journal of one’s life. No matter how much disclaimer and/or BS you plaster all over your so-called “tiny personal space” on the Web… have to realise you will be subjected to one simple rule – there is not such thing as a “personal space” in Cyberspace. EVERYTHING is open to scrutiny. And nope….you can’t select your audience too.

Which comes to the million dollar question – here comes along an arse who doesn’t like what you’re doing and he/she hates your guts to the very core. Whatdya gonna do about it?

– Trigger a flame war and curse his entire family, ancestors, generations and/or anybody/anything that has gotta do with him/her back to the Dark Ages?

– Analyse the situation properly, control your emotions (if you have any), reply in a dignified manner..and if everything else fails…then only drop the F-bomb?

If you can’t take the heat…..then get off the ‘Net. It’s a battle of character, strength and wits.

You (you know yourself) must be one of the dafest blogger I’ve ever came across by falling onto one’s trap when the trap is not even a trap to begin with – it’s laid in front of you with all the neon signs and arrows flashing “Trap” and you happily walked into one. And then instead of being civilised, your mouth became foul and you got personal and ugly.

Humility is not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of courtesy, strength and friendship.

Just to clarify – I’m not siding with anyone – I’m merely a random blog reader who just happens to stroll along to an “eventful” scene and giving my 2 cents worth from a bird’s eyeview.

And yes…I concur with the author in this aspect that a blog “…represents a person’s character and thinking”. I’ve read some local blogs which exhibit nothing but pure irresponsibility and immatureness (of the blogger) – First World Infrastructure (the Internet)…..Third World Thinking (the character, actions).

I choose to either comment nicely (if worth the effort) ….or just shrug off and move to the next blog.

Also, my comments also are not immune to criticism(s) too. I stand corrected.
4:17 AM


Whoever you are, Random Blog Reader, I hope you do not mind me using your words here.

So, do you all agree that we can use some of Random Blog Reader’s advices if we are interested to keep blogging with purpose and sheer pleasure?

4 thoughts on “Preacher preaching on commenting

  1. Interesting post, actually i think it’s best .If i have nothing nice to say i shall say nothing at all .That is my motto ,but as Kstang once stated on the net it is easier to be more outspoken.But of course blogging is different bcoz if i have nothing nice to blog about i will blog about n e thing.Hey i think Acat was doing a random thingie once hehe,not sure how it went.Anyways it really depends on the random blogers attitude ,if he/she is nice or nasty 😉
    Okz thats my rave cheerz gal

  2. Everyone’s entitled to their own views and opinions. Once you don’t like something that you see, then move on to the next site. Nobody’d know you’d dropped by, even.

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