Move over internet-savvy. Now the in-thing is ‘Are you tremor-savvy?’

High-rise office workers becoming tremor-savvy
PENANG: With tremors getting more frequent, workers in high-rise buildings here are fast learning to respond quickly – as seen when tremors caused by an earthquake in northern Sumatra hit at about 10am yesterday.
Quoted in The Star May 20th, 2005

Before Dec. 26th, 2004
5xmom would leave the older kids at home alone when she went to the neighbourhood hypermarket for some groceries shopping. The only thing to remind the kids is – Don’t open the door to strangers.

Current situation
Reluctant to leave older kids (age 15 yrs) at home alone. If there is no choice, this will be the reminder :
If there is a tremor, see what our neighbours do. If they start evacuating, you also leave the house. Lock the door and follow them. Stick to them until we return.

Can’t help being paranoid because the tremors happened more often than I get my period. What more, Discovery Channel kept playing the Tsunami incident over and over again on Channel 50 at Astro.

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  1. Err, wat’s the first thing you grab wif u & run for your life (besides your kids & ‘lou kong’)?? Money? Insurance policy?

  2. I read the one-star “Tremor-savvy” article and …..wah lau eh……Penangites live a very exciting life. 5Star getting left behind liao. Tremor-savvy…..muahahhahaha!!!

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