When women into tarts

It is the weekend groceries shopping at the neighbourhood hypermarket. A local hypermarket in Air Itam where the apek who makes announcement speaks only Hokkien and bad bahasa pasar (bad Malay language). The hypermarket is neither Tesco, Jusco or Carrefour but Sunshine. (how Ah Lian-ish can they get, right?)

So, dress code for places like these is of course a pair of jeans and t-shirt. But I noticed that this is not to be. I am not talking about SYTs here. I am talking about mothers, grandmothers and old things (as opposed to SYT) who are touching 50 years old.

Probably we have been much influenced by the slimming centres advertisements and Nancy Sit. Breasts enlargement creams ads. Probably people are very rich nowadays. Or maybe they watched too much Hongkong TVB series, Telenovela from South America or Bollywood.

I observed that many matured women love to wear this:
* tight pants which either have sequin, lace , transparent material or flowers
* sheer material blouses that shows their black bras or leopard prints nylon
* 3 sizes smaller blouses
* 3 shades of colours in their hair


and like this


* nails painted in fushia pink
* carry some beaded/sequin tiny handbag
* slip on shoes which is very, very high with more sequin

No doubt a woman must look good and dress well. But when they over did it, they turned into tarts. An expired, past it’s used-by date.

I am writing this to remind myself to never, ever go for breasts enlargement after the breasts have served its purpose of providing nutrition. Can’t help ranting because I bumped into this 50ish years old woman who wore leopard prints showing huge, artificial looking breasts, long hair but dried like straws and a face full of wrinkles but plastered with white cement. I took a second look and got stared by her. *ouch*

I must remind myself to be more sincere this weekend when I confess. Because this is one of the many times I had bitched about other people.

Happy long weekend to all!

12 thoughts on “When women into tarts

  1. And with loud handphone ringtone, must talk loudly (as if its a loudhailer) and yes, you’re right, usually in Hokkien (even here in KL)…

  2. Hahaha, Simon, yeah right. They will ask want to buy curry mee or chee cheong fun, want char koay teow or koay teow soup. I wonder how they lived before the invention of handphones. LOL! Hey, did you check out what they offer? Just in case you need to get some for errr….old age? To woo some old sweet thing?

    Joe – You are right!

  3. he he ya get that in oz 2 Lilian, aussie slang for women near 50 dressing like that is called ” muton dressing up as lamb,,,hehe
    cheerz gal have a good one

  4. wa lah you people. šŸ˜› Age discrimination here.
    They just wanna recapture their lost youth mah. Altho the twin (peaks)testaments-to-how-the-law-of-gravity-can-be- defied is always a head-turner, worth a second look. Which is the whole point to it.

  5. Auntie Lilian,
    My mum dresses like that when she goes out gallanvanting with her friends..with high heels with loads of sequins and her bag also like that. Then her hair..exactly like what u said. Got different shades one. WHen i asked her why she dress like that…she said….

    “Wait till you’re 55, then you will want to.”

    So, maybe Auntie Lilian, when you’re 55…you suddenly decide to do that?

  6. ‘plastered with white cement’

    I laughed reading that.

    They just feel the desperate need to get noticed, I guess.

  7. I know what you mean… In KB, I see women dressing like that too. Alamak…

    There’s one aunty whom I know has the weirdest dressing. She tailor-made ALL her dresses and they come in weird colour combinations. She’s very well known in KB because of her dressing and her coiffure. Feel so sorry for her cos people tell her ‘Wah.. you look so pretty’ but behind her back, people say ‘Aiyo.. so ugly!’

  8. LoL! I suppose aunties don’t want to be left out of the fashion world too. But I think the most shocking thing I’ve witnessed for an elderly is stunning red hair. I think she was 60+. 0.0

  9. Danny – If done with taste, nvm ,very chic and sopitikated (hahaha). But many of them not like that lor.

    Actually hor, after I read Percolator’s comment, I went out feeling a little guilty. But hahahaha, when I came back, I found my 60+ yrs auntie who live downstairs who kept an annoying dirty smelly dog (maybe this is the cause of the bias) wearing..
    1) 4 inches heel
    2) off shoulder blouse with black bra strap showing
    3) pants very tight, can see her legs terkangkang
    4) cement

    and strutting around. I had to nudge my kid to not to stare.

    So, I shall reserve further comments.

    Angelic – if got taste, nvm, my eldest sis also wear like that. But kena tengok keadaan mah.

    Sweetspirit – Hahaha, international ya? Hope we know how to tone down when we age.

    Eileen – Yalor, sometimes, people can say keladi tua leh.

    Oui Oui – I think the rule is as women get older, they have to use more natural colour makeup. But it is the other way round.

  10. Hey.. Lilian,
    I donch really mind them with the works… but i abhor fat women..!! i mean the REAL fat type.. not even like any that we see in Asia.
    If you ever see those here in Canada.. you can pengshan..!!

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