The power of taxpayers/stupid adverts

So, they heard it and they took action fast.

Remember I mentioned about the ugly cones we had in Penang? The one which looks like some male organ and more suitable for condoms advertisement like Durex?

Yesterday, we took a drive by the roundabout and found that they had installed metal hibiscus flowers on top of the cones. It looks much better than previously.


After :



BTW, do you see a dumb advertisement behind? Doktor (doctor) wanted? It belongs to some insurance or education funds or something. What I hate about the advert is the picture of a pair of siamese twins. It doesn’t look right to have two babies stuck to the stomach, ‘floating’ on air, on a huge billboard. Why siamese twins? Can’t they just put a few handsome guys/gals wearing white coats and hanging stethoscope? Surely we know doctors are wanted everywhere and not just to separate siamese twins?

*sigh* Stuck in the house because all the Wilayah and Selangor people are jamming up the city. So, need to rant a bit lah.

5 thoughts on “The power of taxpayers/stupid adverts

  1. is that billboard supposed to be in english or what?

    btw, those dick-lookalikes erected in penang, are a total waste of money – really. just like the one we have in SS13, Subang Jaya (although they sometimes regard it as Petaling Jaya despite SJ having a municipal council of its own already) – It’s called the Taman Millenium, millions were spent in constructing it.

  2. ..ok LOL so someone complained and they put Hibiscus on the condom thingies and if someone else complained and said those Hibiscus looked gross, what now??? Tudung???LOL

  3. It still look like condom. Now even worst, a condom that get busted ……… ROFLUSA (ROFL until stomach ache).

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