Stronghold 2, MPH and TBS sale

Penangites – There is an MPH book fair going on. I just bought about 12 books for RM100.

Details : Kompleks Masyarakat Penyanyang, Jalan Utama (next to the children’s library)
Time : 11.30 am – 9.30 pm
From 20.5.05 until 12.6.05

Not much choices and only 20% to 30% given for the regular books. I bought mostly Value Buy which are between RM5-RM10. Oh ya, every RM100 spent, get RM5 voucher.

Over at The Body Shop, Gurney Plaza, women are swarming the place. I also joined in and bought some stuffs like shower gel, lotion and cream. Discount up to 70%.

Meantime, I am signing off, no time to blog liao. Gotta burn CDs with my new DVD-ROM plus CD-RW. And yes, I just found Stronghold 2 and will be busy-busy.

12 thoughts on “Stronghold 2, MPH and TBS sale

  1. hmm. they accept credit card ? since my paycheck will be next week but still I don’t want to miss the chance of getting some books.

  2. Yeah, they accept credit card. I also checked first before parking my car. Hahaha, then just simply take the books to fulfil the RM500 tax relief. (or whatever they call it)

  3. Wow..!! lilian.. i wish i was in penang now.. šŸ™‚
    i didn’t know stronghold was new..??? it’s an old game over here.. /???

  4. Mrs T, there are Stronghold, Crusader and Stronghold 2. I had played them all (the first two) and S2 is the latest I bought. I am the control freak. LOL!

  5. Haiyohhhhhhh……..I almost suffocated in Body Shop One Utama here. I walked by the shop, it was so gila crowded I decided to NOT go in. Walked by again and it was less crowded, went in and suddenly the whole place was filled again. I didn’t buy anything there though. They always have sales when I just restock my facial stuffs. Sheesh

  6. ooo i saw the banner about the MPH sale

    going to drop by later! hopefully i can find books that i like.

  7. Stronghold 2? OMG OMG …. you play computer games ? O_o

    I thought you were just into surfing and blogging … but computer games ? o_O

    Cant get over the notion that an “elderly” woman will play computer games :p

    Eeek… I think I have to run and hide from lilian liao for calling her “elderly” :PpP

  8. *Taking pitch fork to chase Chu Chai to turn into ham and hang in the granary liao.* muahahaha

    rb – I doubt it ‘cos the books are either old or those newer ones are sold at 20%. I have a feeelings after the discount, it is still more expensive than Popular.

    S-Kay – Ya, it is a crazy sale. Not that it is very cheap. I bought one lip cream (called lip enhancer konon) for RM43.90 – 30%. That’s all I grabbed.

    Elphi – The one in Midlands has less people though, unlike Gurney.

  9. oOOOooo….love shopping at Gurney……..and ya TheBodyShop is having sales!!!! Ok i didnt manage to spend time yesterday cos i went to 1Utama like around 8.30 and by the time i finish buying stuffs from guardian n then MPH…..times-up…close shop liao….will see if i have any opportunity to drop by again.

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