Why a 7-seater car is a bad idea.

Simon and Belacans blog about the to-be launch Toyota Innova. Both of them have two small kids respectively. I went over and splash a bucket of cold water. *hanging head in shame*

So, to justify why I discourage the purchase of a 7-seater car, I am going to blog about cars, cars, cars.

1. You don’t need 7-seater car unless you have 4 kids or 3 kids and a maid or 2 kids and parents-in-law who shadow you around.

2. For those occasional meals with the in-laws, let them squeeze in. Otherwise, the mother-in-laws may find it too comfortable and insist for meals every other day.

3. By the time your children are old enough to take up the space, they will not want to tag along with you every time you go out.

4. You have problem chit-chatting with the kids at the last row seats and ended up shouting things like ‘HOW IS YOUR DAY AT SCHOOL?’ instead of engaging in cosy mommy/kids talk.

5. The sound system sucks with a big space, eventhough you have speakers at the far end.

6. Kids will never learn about living in a peaceful manner. E.g., it is ok to let them elbow each other, kicking each other but learn to endure each other even if they cannot stand it.

7. With a 7-seater car, kids learn to be selfish, keeping to each own little corner. Say you ask them to pick up a piece of rubbish, they will check the demarcation and argue over whose responsibility it is.

8. When the kids start to fight, you can’t hold the steering with your left hand and pull their ears with your right to separate the fights.

9. You will not have enough bootspace when travelling, compare to a saloon car.

10. If you put a Thule (that thing that looks like a boat shape box?) on the roof, you cannot go into the basement parking without tearing the whole sprinkler’s system.

I have a Naza Ria which I am very reluctant to drive around town because of the sheer size. I bought the Naza Ria when it was first launched with the rosy picture that finally, the whole family can go for holidays in comfort. One year later, I just realised that my two older kids hate going anywhere with us unless they are forced to.

Oh ya, when the birds shitted on the car, it is also harder to wash the bird shits because of the height. (bird shits are corrosive hence important to clean them often)

Gee, I miss my manual Honda Accord which is 10 years old. There is nothing like a manual Made-in-Japan Japanese car to vroom, vroom, vroom. Oooh, the power, the surge and the smooth drive. The plush seats, aircon and great sound system. Hopefully, we can afford another Japanese saloon car soon to replace our other car, the Proton Perdana. *pray, pray, pray atm strikes damacai or magnum 4D or Toto or his boss approves the fleet of cars for senior management, whichever comes first*

20 thoughts on “Why a 7-seater car is a bad idea.

  1. A sure fire way to get your elder kids to tag along with you everytime you go out……

    …….get a Mitsubishi Evo 8 or Subaru Impreza WRX STi, your kids will BEG so they can come….

  2. Hmm, with a car that big, you can fit your in-laws in the boot. Your kids can play tag in the vehicle. And I think it’ll take forever to wash it. LoL! šŸ˜›

  3. gee, I also used to drive Honda Accord manual. Just sold it to Honda accord collector few months ago so that I can inherit my mom’s Proton Iswara and my dad can buy a new Waja. At first we also thought of getting those big bulky MPV because we travel a lot but it was few years ago when all of us were still in school. Now, all my siblings are already in universities and colleges. Even a once a year family trip also need to plan carefuly.

    We tried to travel to Terengganu with 5 adults in a Waja and it’s comfortable enough. It use less petrol than those 7 seater and we start to learn how to pack light to accomodate the limited space.

    But it seems a new trend for a new family to get an MPV/SUV. Like my cousin who bought Toyota Wish and she only has one child. Reason: Easy to travel especially when balik kampung. How frequent they able to balik kampung? Twice a year also difficult.

    It’s not practical especially when petrol price is increasing every now and then.

  4. My dad has one of those green Toyota LiteAce antiques which is more than 10 years old. Maybe because he’s the only one who has a 7-seater around, i seem to remember dad’s always the chaffeur. Be it fetching relatives or picking up university students from a nearby residential area to church.

    I kinda like those half-SUV-sized-5-seater vehicle that is larger than normal cars but not as big as a SUV/MPV. Mediocre.

  5. No 8 – Steer with the left and Pull with the Right ?? O_o

    How long are 5xMom arms ? o_O

    The driver seat is on the right, to use the left hand to hold and to use the right hand to pull is having the right portion of the body to do a 45 degrees turn around ….

    Or am I having delusions ? or am my imagination not strong enuf ? hmmm ..

    Yo Mum Enlighten us abit šŸ˜›

  6. Hahaha and if you want to go Tanjong Rambutan ( Is it still there?) earlier, try putting a TV inside…. ( cannot see!!!, I want the other movie!!!!…She got better view!!!! etc etc) AAAARRRGGGHHH

  7. i wanted one of those.. when we bought our new car.. but MrT say.. gas can kill..!! so we got a smaller car.. a Ford Focus.. šŸ˜‰

  8. Get the new Accord. Mannnn, i tell u… quiet, spacious, cool dashboard, very comfortable.
    Nope! I’m not Honda salesman.

  9. I hates MPV. I always think it is car mean for HKC(Ham-Kar-Chan).

    MPV is worst than a van. Because it is more comfortable than a van so many people forget the MPV high gravitional profile. Lots of idiot that drove MPV speed their MPV like normal car. In addition, MPV owner love to tint their car, together with the huge profile of the car, motorist at the back can’t see what’s the traffics infront.

    And the big car always give you the false sense of security. Rather, it is a dangerous car for both the driver and passenger. So the best way is stay FAR AWAY from MPV, unless it is traffic jam.

    Do you know why the driver in the Toyota Harrier can’t avoid the deadly rot? Because the MPV can’t make the manuever.

  10. Mrs.T : Ford Focus? Bwahahahah, you got tricked by Mr.T on the fuel mileage. Focus is a car mean for power :). But the car is pretty safe(a lot safer than MPV).

  11. Haha, 5xmom sound a bit paranoid la…dont be a sour grape lahh.The car nowaday is far far more better than what u think leh. Surrounding system is so much better, and the car manufacturer came out with nicer and intimate design. You talk like as if you are driving a huge 8wheels lorry with a huge container at the back…gila betui la.

  12. i drive a honda too, honda jazz… economical in terms of fuel vs mileage, small car outside but lots of space inside.

    ah choo: (sure sounds like a sneeze šŸ˜‰ ) read #1, i think 5x mom meant that we should suit our vehicle to our needs. it seems to me that people are buying 7-seater just because it is a new ‘trend’ without thinking about need, or fuel consumption (which is definitely higher than an average car regardless of new technology).

    Still in the end it is another persons choice and we cannot control the situation, much as we like it or dislike it. =)

  13. Haiya, all of you kill my mood to buy MPV. I don;t care, I wanna buy. But wait until I have another kid, then berbaloi.

    As for travelling with kids, my parents used to angkut us everywhere all the time. Family trips were taken very seriously. If one person cannot go (got exam or something like that), then everyone else also don’t go. My dad used to say, no use go on family trips if the entire family is not there. My brothers, eventhough dah besar, still wanna go on family trips coz for them it means free food and can tekan my parents for money to buy survinor for their gf. Hahahaha..

    I plan to adopt this appraoch towards family trips for my family also. I balik kampung to my in-laws every month, so might as well make the ride as comfy as possible.

  14. cold water or not, in the end whatever the choice is doesn’t really concern me.

    as long as people who have read this are fully informed and understand the pros and cons of owning a 7-seater or whatever they want to buy, if they decide to go out and get it, go aheadlah… =)

  15. We hv 2 kelisas and 1 Oddesey at home. The Oddesesy is suppose to be mine (Ayah pay), Kelisa is Ayah’s (Ayah pay again) and another Kelisa is my sister’s who is staying with me (Sister pay). The least travelled is the Oddesey. But for family outing/visiting it is truly handy. And we do visit family/friends a lot. So yeah ! As of now we are making every cent of the Oddesey – as long as I am not driving šŸ™‚

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