Arrgghhh….Stronghold 2!!!!

Have to give up playing Stronghold 2 by Firefly Studio because the game speed sucks. Sometimes my computer hangs and get low virtual memory. Grrrr……

I am already using medium setting, reduce all the finer details and etc.

I still prefer Stronghold Crusader. Had finished all the campaigns and maps except for the last one – Mother of all wars.

Anyone can tell me what cause the problem? What component makes computer games run faster? Tell me, tell me so that I can go out to the shop and buy something to upgrade. *biting nails*

*sigh* Looks like I have to return to blogging and visit blogs again. For a moment, I thought I can also take a hiatus in blogging and concentrate on completing all the levels in Stronghold 2 but no such luck.

14 thoughts on “Arrgghhh….Stronghold 2!!!!

  1. I got 3 HDs with plenty of space. Pentium 4. 512Hz.
    C drive = 20GB, space available 7GB
    E & F = Lots of space ‘cos each 40GB

    Graphic cards – hmmm…could it be?

  2. i think the problem is at the graphic card, stronghold 2 is a graphic intensive game, in my opinion looks much better than most games on PS2. And try to close down some unnessary program like msn, icq, and especially antivirus program when playing games, it is those that hogged the RAM when you try to play game, if you feel it’s unsafe to close the antivirus, maybe just don’t connect to internet when playing games, there’s not much virus threat if you’re offline and playing game, might as well turn off the antivirus and free the RAM.

  3. You need to cleanup all the nitty-gritty services runs on the background.

    – antivirus
    – any massenger software, including icq,irc,etc
    – downloader software,e.g. torrents,etc
    – Kill all the residential software such as quicktime, realplayer,etc.

    And remember to do a spyware check.

  4. stronghold2 is tough like hell…i can’t get through the stage where have to collect 500 (crowns) and 70 of pigs, vege, wine, eels and ducks…they’re too slow!! can’t imagine them eating those…

  5. Ee Lynn – I had uninstalled it. Luckily it is the *coughcoughRM15coughcough* one. The guy at the shop did tell me but I thought my computer very advanced. *sigh*

    argh – I am back to Stronghold Crusader. Start from the beginning again.

    moo_t – My MSN/Yahoo hardly on. Never download anything. So it is the games problem. I wanted to turn down the options, i.e. no background music etc but it won’t work.

  6. hello

    i am using a pentium 4 dual processor 2.6 ghz
    1gig ram
    ATI X1600 pro 256 MB

    game is slow during gameplay

    peasants are so slow that i have to quit playing the game, i love this game want to finish it but cant due to slow game play, i have tried the lowest configuration as well.. nothing works the game speed options is set to the highest however doesnt make a differnce what could be wrong… ?

    please help…

  7. just tough it out, if you are really a fan and love old age games play it and stop complaianing. If it freezes or something than complain but as of now play, play, play and never stop. Be a freak about the game not a sissy.

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