What if your blog is discovered?

Ever think about that? Your mom found out you had been airing her dirty laundries on the world wide web. Your wife discovered that you are blogging about your rendevous with your mistress. Your boss came to know about you telling the world about his fetish for virgin china-doll? My sisters-in-laws know about me calling them ‘Cinderella ugly step-sisters’. Just kidding!

This morning, I read on Sweetspirits’ blog about public web-cams:

Actually did you guys know that a gal actually caught her bf cheating on her via cam. Yes poor gal her bf was holidaying in Oz at was at Bondi beach .The gal decided to check the beach webcam ,and saw her bf on the beach smooching another gal.

If that can happen, anything can happen. Like your blog being discovered.

Someone else blog was discovered by his parents. To which I had commented :

5xmom said… Jason, You have to foresee this coming even before you begin.

While talking about co-incidences, I just found out that my nephew (my sister’s son) and my grand-nephew-in-law (i.e. the grandnephew of my atm) are going to end up in the same room in the MMU hostel. Both of them went to the same school, Penang Free. They did not know they are both sort of related to me until this year when they came to my house for Chinese New Year open house. And thru sheer co-incidences, they are going to bunk in together. And hopefully, reading my blog in future.

The world is smaller than you think. Right, MMG?

Like that , Somebody’s Watching Me song by Rockwell;
I always feel that somebody’s watchin’ me
And I have no privacy
I always feel that somebody’s watchin’ me
Is it just a dream?

Added : Someone’s abe (nick for abang/husband) found his wife’s blog.

Are you watching me, yet?

23 thoughts on “What if your blog is discovered?

  1. ahhh.I’m quite safe la,since my parents dont surf the net.but then again,u’ll never know.

    but i dont blog about my personal life a lot,so its alright la.i’m more worried about my friends finding out….some idiot have been googling my name these past few weeks…so bleh.

  2. OMG Lil…you are FAST, how can you be that fast (seriously I have hairs at the back of my neck raising now…ee spooky!) It was just seconds ago I clicked on the submit button, went to your url, read the lastes entry, thought we were having the same wavelength BUT never thought you’d mention about me. Anyway, I’d just love to share my blogs with hubby so, it will be all transparent!
    I really can’t over it yet…you are damn fast, lady!

  3. ah…I too don’t have to worry about my mom discovering this blog coz she’s hardly online nowadays and even if she does, I don’t really touch deeply on my personal life =P

  4. I started out by blogging anonymously. Then I got more famous (not as famous as TV Smith)and more an more people I knew started reading my blog. Now, I really have to be careful what I write.

  5. I’m still OK, only 2 people know about my background in the Nine Dragons Triad… Oops. Did i just say that…?

  6. My parents don’t really care my online activities, unless they see something which they really really really object on my computer monitor… =P

    I wouldn’t mind if anyone stumbles on my blog, hehe!

  7. Why I have no real friend/relative/hubby discover my blog wan???? invited oso won’t turn in..haii…poor me…

  8. So far I have been fortunate…none of my friends have discovered my blog accidentally. Mostly I gave them the URL…muz be careful in what i blog about in the future I suppose šŸ˜›

  9. msau – same here lor, my atm also never say yes or no when I asked. Except for the one birthday blog only, I know he did read lor. *haih* Maybe I shud blog about having affair with the butcher, fishmonger and vegetable seller I met every morning hor? Then see got response or not. Hahaha.

    Andy – I am sure your parents must be very proud of your achievements if they read.

    Simon – You say something?

    Adam – Wah, so famous like TV Smith? But TV Smith is still mysterious to me. Is he mat salleh, Chinese or what?

    S-Kay – Wow, your blog is rather personal to me sometimes but all in a nice way.

    mama22beas – I also forgot why I check your blog after I press the submit button. I thot you blogged that sometime ago. So, it is really a co-incidence.

    rb – I read about that. Wonder who? Your secret admirer leh?

  10. hmmm, no one knows abt my blog except my hubby. still have to be careful what i say coz you never know, right. err, i saw you mention MMU. for a while there, my heart stopped beating. if one had the time to put 2 & 2 together, one would know who i am. sends shivers down my back. enuff said….

  11. Yap, indeed, the world is smaller than we have thought. My class mate in primary school only knew another classmate is his cousin after study in the same class for almost 6 years. -_-“

  12. My blog was also just been discovered by my mom. She didn’t say anything, but just called me to change my display photo to a mango only.

  13. Hmm, nothing to hide ma. If they dont like wat they see or read, ‘comment’ column always available šŸ˜€

  14. Ya you are right, that’s why I keep reminding myself that my husband, my friends, my colleagues etc are reading my blogs. So, have to be very careful, especially not to disclose anything confidential in my office – the damage is beyond I can repair. šŸ™‚

  15. If my blog ever get found out by people I know, I will have to stop writing those nasty political shit…..ooops, I mean social commentary.

  16. Viewtru – You can always find Lai Ma. Am still waiting for Lai Ma.

    MMG – Hi Hi. I went to your blog and read about you babysitting.

    lzbone – I agree, if you are working, don’t take risk. Many people had gotten into trouble. Even jealous colleagues can make hell.

    RB – Good luck in sniffing out the rat.

    Cyber-red – Hey, don’t be too sure. What if a cousin or something stumbled and then tell half-truths to your muther? But then, you blog is ok what? I even remember you helping out in the shop. Tailor, right? see? nothing is secret, right?

    Joe – There are some pretty sick guys out there who have no respect for their parents. I read one who cursed being disturbed from his sleep eventhough his mom got sick and they need him to help. Can you imagine assholes like that?

    Wilson – Wah, like a movie, ya?

    fish fish – The world is very small.

    Mudslinger – I am trying to guess who you are? From MMB too?

  17. Aiyooo! Somebody’s is watching me? You are so into the eighties. But don’t worry i always watched its music video during that Grammy Awards time.

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