Easy links – blogrolling, bloglines, which?

Just ignore my multiple blogs tonite. I am sitting here waiting for 2.30 am so that I can wake up the man to watch football. What a dedicated wife!

Updating my links page is a chore to me because :
– I am using MT and hence, it has a ‘link’ page where I paste all the htmls

Do I have to use bloglines or blogroll?

I had signed up for both but cannot figure out how to start.

Where do I paste the code? On the main index template or on the ‘link’ file template?

Is there a freeware where bloggers can actually enter their own blog URL if they want to be linked? Sort of self-service?

I tried copying my html codes over to Dreamweaver to ease the job but it is still troublesome.

Any good samaritan out there who can find the simplest way to do it?

Bloglines or blogroll or which?

5 thoughts on “Easy links – blogrolling, bloglines, which?

  1. I recommend using bloglines, it’s actually a website to simplify and automated the process to read your favourite blog, so you don’t have to visit each and every site everyday to check whether there’s an update or not, it’ll compile a list of all latest updated post into a single page, and they also have a notifier program that you can install on the firefox, or as a standalone program that notify you when there’s new update on your list of favourite blog, the ‘link list’ page to put on your blog is just an extra feature, you paste a line of code into your html template, and all the blogs you subscribed to read in the bloglines will show up as a list of link in your the page where you pasted the code, it’s quite easy. same goes for blogroll also, but it doesn’t not support the blogpost aggregation feature, just the link list thing, so i recommend bloglines, two birds with one stone.

  2. Andy and Ashie – That’s where my problems begin. I need to copy and paste the URL, one by one into the tiny column. I was hoping for one where I just copy the whole html codes for the link template. Never mind, I will find time do that one day, and I shall link you guys, ok? Thanks a lot!

    Romantic – Still I am doing him a service to make sure he wakes up. And he did wake up.

  3. I use blogrolling, haven’t tried blogliones, yet, though. Blog rolling uses only one line of javascript code so it’s really really convenient.

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