Mata sepet – double eyelids

Just wondering….Do men prefer NON-mata sepet girls over mata sepet? I probably did not grow up in a ‘positive parenting’ environment because when I was as young as 10 years old, I had been drilled that girls must have certain ‘qualities’.

My patphor/busybodies neighbours loved to make remarks like:

‘Aiyah, Ah Lian bat chew tu boh bark’ (heh, it means my eyes look like a swine’s (female pig) eyes. Ouch!)


‘Chey….ha mik su Ah Lian bat chew boh teng soon?’ (why my eyes have no double eye-lids?)

Hence, I grew up with that stigma of being mata sepet. More so because my whole primary class friends were all Malays or Indians. And my two older sisters have bigger eyes than me.

I wonder if non-Chinese realise that many Chinese girls desire double -eyelids? So much so that they will resort to do any or all of the followings (horrors!!):

a) go for plastic surgery (I got one ex-colleague who did it)
b) paste some surgical tape on the eyes
c) use some ‘glue-like’ chemical to harden the upper lid
d) try to enhance the eyes by ‘perming’ the eye-lashes
e) and of course, do what I usually do, use mascara

This is on top of eyebrows tattooing. Eewwsss…

*sigh* What women do for vanity’s sake.

The only times my double eyelids appear are:
1) after several days of fever and/or
2) severe diarrhoea and hence, dehydrated

Tell me, do you wish for double-eyelids? Do men prefer double-eyelids girls?

**A sour-grape note : Women with huge eyes and double-eyelids tend to get crows’ feet (wrinkles), panda eyes and eye-bags more often/faster than women with small, almond-shape, classical Chinese eyes. How’s that for positive self-motivation?

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  1. Its important meh? I never did notice anyone’s eyes.. okay, maybe this one friend of mine, but thats simply because he’s wearing a weird colored contact lens.

  2. I’m a living proof of your sour grape note, eye bags appear easily, wrinkles? not yet lar, soon or later, can’t escape.

  3. Men/Male/Guy don’t care about women/female/girl eye or eyelid. In reality, when a man say, “I like your eye”, it held the same meaning as, “it is a good day”.

  4. I dont think it is very important. I would however like to see a chinese gal with blue eyes!! Met one like that before…so…so …unique….but later found out she wearing colored contact lens.

  5. Like you, i also grew up with the “mata sepet” comments or remarks like what happened to you… as both my sisters have big beautiful double eye lid eyes. I’m the only one in the family with single eye lid… so of course the teasing goes on that i may be adopted. Further, unfortunately, my son is also born with “mata more sepet than mine” to the disappointment of my family members who were hoping that my son will have beautiful eurasian eyes like my husband. Anyway, have never felt small or little about my eyes.

  6. ooh…me mata sepet previously..but now I got Double eye-lids liao..hahaa..I didn’t do anything on it lah..just previously it hiding ‘pop out’ liao..

    But I worry about SQ liao..Her eye just same like her papa..too sepet liao…can’e see her eye when smile…

  7. there’s beauty in both. now that su anne got single eyelids, kinda glad actually and looking forward to see how it turns out as she grows. be so boring if everybody had doubles.

  8. I always heard my neightbour’s mom scolding her teenage daughter,” Mai chao cheebai,bat chew si pek seh liao beh aio kin, tapi si pek siao chew cham lio la, ki thio long kang si si ki lo la…bo loh eong.”It seem that typical rude old mother loves to scold their daughter with the crude words and insult them for being sluttish and every al lian type look concerned chinese girl’s weakness, slit eyes. Most of them would broke down in tears if someone criticise them bout their small ugly eyes…hehe. And most of ah lian’s mom always love to pick on their weakness whenever the ah lian upsetting the mom. My goodness,that’s cruel isnt it?

  9. i dont know….i’ve got a rather big eye and a deep double eye-lid that sometimes ppl question my ethnicity. Even my fiance questioned me time n again after being together for like 5 yrs….”are u REAAALLLYYY chinese ah?”…..:X

    perhaps guys like big doe-eyes with double eyelids because they grow up reading comicbooks that dipicts pretty girls with hugeee eyes that takes up half of the face?

  10. it all depends on the face really, i’ve seen girls with sepet eyes that look just as beautiful than the ones with big eyes.

  11. Err one of my good friend (girl, of cause) did surgery to get double eye lid. In fact, she told me that one can get a discount if you can get more ppl to do it.
    Well as a guys, i dont think it matters a lot. And i do agree that some ppl out there do love sepet eyes.

    By the way, is it scientifically proven that ppl with double eye lid have higher chances of getting eye bag ?? coz i do observe a lot of cases.

  12. Sepet or no sepet…only crazy typical chinese ppl will care about double eyelids. Can’t they be proud of their own natural beauty?

    I’ve seen this girl in my uni who has the sepet-test eyes I’ve ever seen but I still think she’s pretty. Why? Because she has such a fair skin and rosy cheeks, she looked so freaking oriental to me.Beautiful.

    I just don’t understand how some ppl can spend so much money to do the “nip and tuck”

    And ppl with ORIGINAL double eye lid have a higher chance of getting black eye rims…ppl with FAKE double eyelids have a higher chance of getting an eyebag because it is scientifically proven that ppl without double eyelids have eyebags.

  13. I also experienced what Fashionasia experienced before. Ppl always ask me, “you melayu ke?” and I’d say no, Cina and they’ll start commenting on my eyelids and say I dun look chinese lah blablabla. Then I would have to tell them I’m not pure chinese, got Thai blood in me and then they’ll go “Ah…patutlah…ah moi cina semua mana ada mata mcm you punya”

    Man..I feel like smacking them

  14. uh, as far as I am concerned, some Malay girls do love the sepet eyes for these give them the ‘chinese’ look which most Malay men prefer (of course with the package of fair skin lah). I guess that has very much to do with prefering something ‘different’ from what seemed to be a normal-like Malay look.

    And only few prefer the ‘double’ eyelids for these they say make their eyes look bigger and prettier. Which I sometimes see truth in prettier girls, they do have double eyelids.

    I personally have no preference. I have double eyelids myself but my panda eyes have nothing to do with them. It is simply because I strained my eyes too much with staying up late at nights during my teens.

  15. usually double eyelids makes your eyes look bigger. But bigger eyes doesn’t necessarily mean you look better.

    As long as you’re not blind, count your blessings.

  16. i think having chinese eyes is kinda cute. i have big eyes, and they’re not that great either, especially when people comment, “wow, you have really big eyes.” makes me feel like the wolf in red riding hood… “my, what big eyes you have grandma” hehehe…

  17. Aunty Lilian:

    Havent known someone who is mata sepet before. At least not females lah but i dun like guys who mata sepet one…so cina!

  18. Wat neh???! Like/love someone for who they are. Sepet or no petpet doesnt matter la. My sweetheart has a good heart. I love u sweety 😉

  19. To those whose mothers complain about their natural looks—” ..AND WHERE do these looks come from???? Should I sue you then???? – Did that when I was 11 and since then she shut the heck up!!!!

  20. Romantic – I think most of our moms do that all the time and I hope I don’t do it to my kids. I try hard.

    Joe – Love is blind. Lucky gal you have there.

    Belacans – Oh dear, all the airports, what to do with them?

    Mystic – Like William Hung? LOL!

    Mudslinger – Eh, don’t la imagine the bad ones, try imagine the Japanese anime, with sparkling stars?

    sexymama – Wah, so serious today?

    Oui Oui – Yaler, Malay guys like Cina Ah Moi. Especially if they wear baju kurung and speaks Malay like a Malay (talking from experiences tu)

  21. S-Kay : Really? Scientifically proven? Oh wow.

    MG – I thought I sour grape only.

    Yuin – The eyes is only part of the beauty, right.

    Fashioasia – I have more work when comes to applying eyeshadow. That’s the downside.

    Anamah – Hahaha, your four letter words spelling got me laughing out so loud! Frankly, some moms can be downright cruel.

    Mrs B – Like msau said, some get it later. My nieces and nephews only go theirs around 6-7 years old.

    msau – hahaha, I will probably wait another 40 years for mine to appear.

    Debrina – It is actually not important but some women needs to change everything about them. Nothing pleases them.

    Wilson – Blue eyes? That’s too ‘chark ngan’ (poke eye). Unless she is blonde too.

    Moo_t – Habis lah, you leak out guys secret like that.

    Twinsmom – At least when younger time, you can give out ‘laser’ brighter than us. Because when I laugh, eyes also cannot see liao.

    Hallaj – Ei, the eyes are window to the soul. You can see ‘love’, ‘anger’ or ‘lust’ written on it! Looking at the number of comments, this is rather interesting, isn’t it?

  22. i seriously love my own authentic look..although no double eye-lids..some ppl say i look chinese-oriental..the gals must be grateful of wat they have..hey u have a pair of eyes!!it boils down on how u carry urself to have the confidence look..ngh ngeh ngeh

  23. Hahaha, I’ll admit I kinda like girls who have that oriental look [chinese/japanese/korean]. I just find the looks pretty appealing :p

  24. How do you use tape on eyelids to create double eyelids? Ive never seen that before

  25. I am male, and my double eyelids have shrunken! Dunno why, and it looks so very weird. And therefore, I wanna go for a double eyelid surgery so that I look the same and better again.

  26. heyy
    i have big eyes n they rr single lid but double eyelids have always come when i want them too like do this strange thing with my eyes then they come but have a strange tight pull to it. plus i look like a barbie doll my eyes looked fake but then well now like when i turned fourteen this lower line i had instead higher ones grew and it doesn’t look fake but really nice.

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