Back seat driver – Hate ’em!

It is school holidays! Errmm…should I be jumping and shouting, ‘Hip Hip Hooray’? or….

5xdad who is on annual leave from today for several days scratched injured his little toe this morning and needed five stitches at the hospital. Sap-sap sui, small matter only lar.

It is the left foot so still can drive. But I am so kind to offer to drop him at Hospital Lam Wah Ee to see the tailor doctor so that I can bring the kids to Tesco. Trip from my home to the hospital is only five minutes. But it felt like five hours.

Here are remarks,
“Air cond vent, push it away, too strong”
“Radio, turn down volume”
“Why don’t you cut out to the right? All these parents, you know lah, they will take forever” (school crowds)
“Bump in front, go slow”
“Big hole, avoid”
“Don’t make sharp turn, this little guy (toddler) may fall off”
“Traffic jam on left lane, cut out to right”
“Don’t follow that car, so damn slow”
“Oi, where are you going?”
5xmom replied, “Drop you at the Accident and Emergency Department, right?”
“Aiyah, I (5xdad) need to go to reception first to register, you also don’t know meh?” (A&E and lobby separate place)

5xmom damn tulan being the driver with a back seat driver.

5xmom : Want me to drive to A&E, honk and scream for a stretcher or not?

Usually at the hospital, an attendant will open your car door and attend to you at the main lobby.

5xmom : (in tone, the attendant can’t hear) Mister, I got an capek and tempang (limping uncle) apek here, quickly, bring wheelchair and attend to him. NOW,NOW,NOW!!! Quick, quick, or else he is going to bleed to death. Hahahahaha! (Already dressed wound at home.)

Men *sigh* are such babies. Goodness sake, it is only a small tear under the middle toe on the left foot.

Women are made of steel. Even with the huge gaping hole and multi-layers caesarean operation stitches, we are up and running. Or the icky, multi-layer stitches of an episiotomy, a woman can go to the paddy field to plant paddy.

Anyway, I bought a live eel (ikan haruan) and am making eel porridge. So, I can rant a bit ‘cos I had done my part.

Back seat drivers – don’t you just hate them? Especially when I am driving.

16 thoughts on “Back seat driver – Hate ’em!

  1. Just a note : Over at Lam Wah Ee, we go to the A&E and get attended by Medical Officers. They charge on RM5 for medical consultation. My atm being a blood donor, get free medical treatment. Medical Officers are also doctors but they are not specialists and hence, will diagnose and refer the patients to the specialists. The A&E has not much A&E cases and therefore, it is more like a GP clinic.

  2. My DH also ka ka cau cau whenever I drive. He doesn’t trust my driving skill. Always comment!

  3. Eeeee! Hate ’em, hate ’em!! My father is one!! He just CAN’T get into the car and NOT say something!! I don’t retort back, but in my heart I’m yelling “I’m NOT one of your soldiers to order around!!!”

    He never DID get over leaving the army. :p

    Hubs “almost”became one too – but with him I yell back “DON’T be like PAPA!!” That shuts him up just fine. šŸ™‚

  4. Oii.., not fair la. Not all men are babies neh. When my finger bleed, I will run to my girl & ask her to clean & plaster it. Accidentally bite my lips, will get my girl to kiss it šŸ˜‰ See, Im not a baby after all.

  5. aiyoo..i hate’em oso lah..very sien wan..but I oso one of them..:pp
    I told my fatty if wan an accident u continue nagging lah..coz I can’t concentrade to drive he will just diam diam sit beside after tat..

  6. Thanks goodness I dun suffer that kinda problem =P Coz I never drive with my dad in the car and there was only once which I did but it was a short distant and there weren’t many cars *phew*. From Mr.BF, no complaints also coz I drive exactly the way he drive. BUT from my MOM!!!!!! OMG, she only nags when I park the car…senget here lah…senget there lah…worse than being nagged on the road man!

  7. When I drive, hubby goes ZZZZZZZZZZZ, now when he’s sick??? thats a totally different story..***roll eyes***

  8. yala..we women…endurance of pain so keng chau..some of the guys just purely ‘panyeh’ to be cool onli…hehhe..
    p.s : i miss irc-ing wif u also!but i will spam ur board when i free ya!kekeke

  9. Ikan hauan is good for healing wounds. My mom stuffed me with bottles of ikan harua essence when I had an appendicitis operation last time.

  10. Silencer – I actually kesian the ikan haruan kena potong hidup-hidup. Bought it at Tesco. But it taste very nice.

    Sorcy – Hahaha, the guys like to act macho but inside sked like little boys. Whereas, the gals act geli-geli but come to the real pain, all so kerng.

    Simon – Oooh, that’s exciting!

    Romantic – I hate driving males around. One day I am going to blog more about this.

    S-Kay – People like these make me very nervous.

    Msau – I normally don’t drive unless forced to.

  11. Wilson – You also admit la, male ego.

    Mystic – So garang ah, your dad?

    Wah, Joe, your gal very lucky hor? Everywhere you also puji her.

    Mrs T – He won’t dare open his mouth? Must ask you what you did.

    Blab – Hahaha, take it out on your poor hub la?

    Amy – I suppose men are all the same when it comes to driving – they are the superior species.

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