School holidays sucks because….

1) Out of towners polluting my little island

2) Packs of hellish kids on heelies and now, even worse,
roller skates at shopping malls

3) Traffic jams

4) Eating places packed

5) Kids’ constant complaints of ‘I am bored….’

6) Kids stucked to MSN

7) 10 solid days at home with the atm (on MC)

8) No inspiration to blog because of the
stresses caused by points number 5-7,especially 7)

9) Endless trips to keep supplying new PS2 games

10)Constant slaving in the kitchen to
keep the bored kids and atm fed.

Arrgggh….and the school holidays haven’t even officially start (until tomorrow).

a) go for a holiday – cannot because,
– kids not interested ‘cos they have been there, done that
– atm limping
– I have no camera

b) I go ALONE for a holiday!!!
Hmmmm…how about that?

23 thoughts on “School holidays sucks because….

  1. sch holiday.. i still hav to go to sch fer additional classes!! arhhhh.. i hate form 5 ! :<

  2. Jovin – Hang on and then, you are going to have long, long holiday soon.

    Mystic – Starting Monday for two weeks.

    Percolator – Hahaha, I thot u want to put me in the coffin.

    Mango – Email me? Who knows…we can have Penang Meet KL bloggers.

    Villager – Stay at home. My hubby said save the money, buy an aircond and instal it in our living room. Then, switch on full blast and pretend the home is the hotel.

  3. Husband just came back from Penang on a work trip.. He & his colleagues tried Nasi Kandar at this shop called Hussain… his comment was food cheap but cold…. Kayu is much better however more expensive

  4. My Mom feels ‘irritated’ when dad’s at home all day long. She feels she has to ‘fok si’ him all day long and she can’t do her own stuffs. hehe…

    she’s happier if dad’s working 9-5 everyday.

  5. if i know today is school holiday, i would not have left home so early, traffic was clear. no wonder there were no school busses trying squeeze into my lane.

  6. no inspiration to blog? blog about these, i wanna read!

    1) Out of towners polluting my little island

    2) Packs of hellish kids on heelies and now, even worse, roller skates at shopping malls

    3) Traffic jams

    4) Eating places packed

    5) Kids’ constant complaints of ‘I am bored….’

    6) Kids stucked to MSN

  7. Holidays in Malaysia? It is so damn expensive spending holidays in Malaysia. Driving from KL to Penang will cost you RM500+++(petrol+TOL+car service).

  8. You dun wan plp to go to your island, then why you blog about it to entice plp to go there????

    u sure do complain a lot about your “yau-chien shu” (money shaking tree) šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  9. 5xmom, hope u enjoy ur holiday…kekee..if ur atm n kids dont behave good, threaten them that u will run away frm home..tsk tsk tsk..they sure very scared 1…

  10. ok Lilian, I help you out on this. People, don’t GO PENANG! you hear? don’t GO PENANG! you hear? muahahahar!

  11. fishtail – Hahaha, you have enough? Then what are you going to blog huh?

    Belacan – I got two faces, come, come and go away, go away.

    MMG – Good suggestion.

    sexymum – That’s called the comfort of being oldly married, you can rant and yet you stay sane.

    moo_t – Where got so expensive leh? Got meh?

    Simon – will do!

    Neeshen – Even the whole town seems deserted today.

    Eileen – Hahaha, it can be a chore, really.

    Mrs T – I will hang on to my sanity, barely.

    Mr Kiasu – I love computer games and PS2. But prefer the computer.

    Ling – Nasi Kandar is over-rated here. Not every stall if nice, I agree.

  12. Sorry lah Auntie Lilian. This time’s destination is Malacca. Malacca got blogger meeting on this school holiday. Bloggers who attend only got Jason, Milly and me only. Penang ah? Maybe after my SPM first šŸ™‚

  13. Aiyor. 5xmom eat rice don’t know rice price. TOL tariff already increase. From KL to Penang exit ~ RM55++, Petrol RM50++(If I “fly” with my new toy, it may be cheaper). Penang Bridge petrol RM7. Waste another RM5 petrol to reach town. 2 ways travel already cost RM230++. Park here and there at least RM5-10. Car maintenane(unless you want to kena slaughter when car break down on the highway), e.g. change oil, aligment,etc cost around RM150.

    If I want to save money and take bus, 50% of my vacationt time will be wasted on travel. But if travel around Penang with Taxi, I will kena slaughther with my half-pail water Hokkien.

    So at the end, I fly to Thailand with Airasia is cheaper.

  14. Mango – Next time you come up north, remember to tell me ya?

    Moo_t – Actually hor…car company, so maintenance, petrol, insurance, bridge, toll, hotel also free if we go to KL. Provided atm got assignments there. But hor, if you divide by the number of persons who are travelling in one car, like me, divide by 6, hahaha, it is still cheap to me.

  15. auntie lilian, haha..north ar…i always go 1 wor.. when i back to perlis, i have to pass by penang 1… ehhehe…. then maybe i can meet auntie lilianler? 2gether wif mamibee oso…rite?

  16. i like school holidays wor… morning time no traffic jam šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    can wake up late & leave house late & still reach office on time… kekekeke…

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