A bald man with a huge KKC

I had wanted to blog about bald men but found something else related to KKC to blog first.


I went to the Penang Botanical Gardens to visit the Penang International Floral Festival 2005. You can read about them in my Penang Faces blog.

I am suffering from a serious case of low self-esteem. I went there with only one 13 yrs old son. The garden is bursting with colours and there are so many things that I want to capture on camera. Even the bugs (as in ladybirds and colourful beetles) are putting on a show, perching on flowers. But I have no such luck. I have a dinosaur 1.3MP and all I get are blurred shots like the above.

Then, I spotted a bald man. With a huge KKC, and long too. Earlier in the morning, I had blogged in my head (don’t all bloggers do this?) about bald men and whether they are attractive. And this bald man with a huge KKC is certainly very attractive. When the KKC clicks, it turns me on. I want that KKC! I am going to demand my hubby to get a big KKC too.

You don’t know what KKC is? Or are you thinking what I am thinking you are thinking? Chey…I am not a horny old lady, ok? Use the search box on the right side panel and key in KKC (in capital letters please) to find out. (January 11, 2005 posting)

13 thoughts on “A bald man with a huge KKC

  1. Hahaha…. me really 1st time hearing ur ‘KKC’ terms la.
    yalo, in fact you should shoot at his KKC ma, not the flower leh.

  2. Percolator – ‘Cos I am humsup mah. Hahaha.
    LocKee – Oh, I wanted to but I am scared the bald guy thinks I am crazy for him instead of the KKC.

  3. There was this one time, an OLD and BALD man in singlet and shorts exercising and running in front of my high school. All of us (a bunch of curious high school girls) kept staring at his you-know-where. It was huge and u can see the tell-tale “signs” from his very thin pants. I wonder if he did that on purpose.

  4. choyyy… hamsap kui!! Errr.. i was talking abt me la for thinking wat u tot tat i’m thinking at d first place.

  5. You know what they say about KKCs: “It’s not the size, but the performance that counts.” A 1.3M can give decent pics within limits. I think it is a focus setting problem for the flower, assuming this is not an autofocus camera.

  6. Well, I just recall that, today DSLR macro lens is only 1/3 or half of the old macro lens size. Hope you did not ask for it, otherwise your ATM buy you a film SLR (see, this is the big KKC you want) then you know. ;p

  7. RB – I wish…
    Moo_t – I do have a macron lense for my Z3 but my Z3 is in the shop.
    Viewtru – It is actually ‘low battery’.
    Nicole – But of course, hahaha, I not so humsup la.
    Joe – Naughty ideas.
    Moo_t – No leh, I not so bad, my Z3 is still very new, less than 6 months.

    hliew – Hmm…you just give me another idea – that bald men are perverts. hahaha.

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