Best time of our life

Ever wonder when is the best time in our life? Is it childhood, adulthood or in our twilight years?


I used to think that the best time is probably when we are young and carefree. Something like late teens, early twenties. Now that I have observed my kids growing through the years, I must say that the best time is when they are only two or three years old.

Two years old is when you can run, climb, scream, laugh, tease, mess and very mobile. You can do just about anything and no one can scold or spank you.


Every day is a new experience. Every thing interests you. You have no responsibilities, no worries.

You can even emotional blackmail your mother. Or give your mother a slap or call her ‘esso‘ (asshole as in Meet the Fockers).

Two years old (or may three) is also when you start showing your adult characteristics.

Even if you do not have such a rosy life, you do not feel it bad. I found a two little girls begging at the Buddhish Temple I visited on Wesak Day. I had not been able to get the picture out of my head. The little baby girl is about my toddler’s age. She was sleeping so soundly on the hot, cemented ground under the shade of a small bush. The sun was shining so bright and hot but she seems so cosy lying there. No cold aircon, mattress or even a pillow.


**I did give the two little girls some money. Their mother was at another corner with two other sons. No matter how badly we think of beggars and the syndicate they may be attached to, still it is not easy to turn away from them.

More about beggars. Hmmm? What is happening to me? In Pulau Tikus, outside Maxim and Kassim Mustafa nasi kandar, there is this very old man in turban. Normally, he would ask for some change as a parking ‘boy’. My husband normally would be very disgruntle and refuse to give him money because his reason is the old man will probably drink himself silly. Whereas, I would grumbled that 50 cents or RM1 is not going buy him any toddy and insisted hubby to give him some loose change. We go to Kassim Mustaffa a lot, something like 2-3 times a week due to my kid’s obssession with their roti tissue. Yesterday night, it was rainy and rather cold and we found the old man, sleeping on the bare five foot way, curled up, without a blanket or any cardboard. Well, my hubby suggested we get him something to cover up. Certainly makes us think hard about our own blessings.

OK, back to topic :
Do you still remember when is the best time of your life? Well, I can’t. I hope they have yet to come.

11 thoughts on “Best time of our life

  1. my best time in my life is probably in university and when i first started work. Nothing beats that feeling of independence. But many ppl say that the best time of your life should be now, meaning we shd not look back at past glories and live life for the moment.

    I seldom donate to ppl on the dtreet, but always regret not giving afterwards…

  2. im a bit afraid of beggers,especially if you go to the temples where there is a whole bunch of give money to one of them,then the rest will gather around you.freaks me out a lot.but if there is only one of them,then i dont mind giving.

    those parking attendants,i usually pay,coz sked they do something to my car.sumore in certain streets in penang,those attendants are usually gang better be safe than sorry.

    i have only live here for 19 years n 5 months,so i would say the best years of my life,so far,will be during 16 to now lah.

    btw ur ads are showing smth about eczema! with pictures of the foot sumore!

  3. Hahaha, RB, I don’t have the faintest idea why that appears but I hope someone will check it out, out of curiosity. I know what you mean, the beggars will sit from the Step 1 to the 1,200 steps temple. Wonder where they go on normal days.

    Simon – The trick is not to see them in their face so you won’t feel so much compassion. Preted to look away but then, if they are kids or old folks, somehow, I can’t help digging into the pockets.

  4. Yeah, the old man in turban is always there. Waving to help people park. One time he sat in Fatty Loh chicken rice and they had to shoo him away because he didn’t order anything and he was singing. Still, can’t help feeling sorry for him.

  5. Percolator – Ya, stupid advert. Make so gross everyone also dare not click. It won’t go away, I can’t help it. U, huh? What about now? Life as a blogger is great too?

    Simon – Baru got it today ‘cos I did not sign in to Yahoo.

    Hi Nicole – You seen him too? He looks very kindly and nice, not gila at all, isn’t he? Kesian him also. It is that they enjoy life like this. But probably he may not enjoy being in a shelter home if they put him there. Some of the want freedom, even if it means begging.

  6. my mom always says it’s best to give beggars things they need instead of money. these people aren’t exactly the world’s best finance managers…

    give them some money & off they go to buy drugs or booze.

    better give them actual food if they come begging for money to buy food. so that you know they’re taking care of themselves & also that you’re not wasting your hard-earned money supporting their bad habits.

    but ppl never approach me for money… i guess i look too poor… ahhahahahahahaa…

  7. my best time in my life would be my secondary school life…coz years 2 to 3, cant remember much. Eventhough need to go for tuition, need to wake up so early to class, etc etc…but thats the time that i met wonderful friends, sweet memories 🙂

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