Help!! My son is torturing me with Star Wars

My #3 who is 8 yrs old just got his hand on the PS2 games – Revenge of the Sith few days ago – The latest Star Wars and also the Lego version. Now, he is into watching the DVD for Star Wars Ep. I and II.

And the victim is of course me. I have to sit in a living room with four speakers, two on each side of the wall. He quizzed me every few minutes:

#3 : Oi, mommy, you know who is this?
5xmom: Sure lah, this round, egg shape robot is R2D2 lor
#3 : R4 LA, OI, WHERE GOT R2 somemore?
5xmom: Yayaya, forgot, I wanted to say 4 but said 2 pulak (trying to hide ignorance)

#3 : This one leh?
5xmom: Luke Skywalker ah?
#3 : Anakin lah, why everything you also dunno one?

More quizzes
#3 : You know the name of the bald guy or not?
5xmom: Obiwan?
#3 : What? Obiwan with the beard la, aiyoh…I don’t want to talk to you anymore lah. Everything also dunno. What you do whole day one? Simple things like this also dunno.

Then, he launched into educating me. Every few minutes, he will ask me to turn my head (my back to the TV) to see who is who.

5xmom : I told you I HATE STAR WARS, please don’t interrupt me further, I want to blog. I am going to cry!!!!

Help!!!!! Star Wars is invading my home.

13 thoughts on “Help!! My son is torturing me with Star Wars

  1. Hahahaha! So, to get away from this, you better watch and know more about it then. The more you want to get rid of it, the more it will come to haunt you. Hahaha!

  2. See…that’s what I wanted to tell you also, no point running away la. I’d been waiting for this moments..hehe *evil grin*

  3. See SW , you shall.
    No more torture , you will.
    Ok ok, no more star wars, dont block me in ur comment ah.

  4. then u mai try to ask back their homework and maths etc…”try beat me by answering these questions then”…..sure they no words say…

  5. smart kid..hahaha….better than my neighbour la…practising the quran songs at the top of hi lungs..not 1 kid 3 kids…aiyohh…

  6. Aiyor, if you can’t beat them, join them. Try get Episode 4,5 and 6 (you know where lar) and then show them what is REAL movie.

  7. Same case with my 8 yr old too! Hehehe…and u know wat, I’m his game partner! Not his dad but me, his mum!! And I do enjoy the Lego version…kikiki cute!

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