Man must own car? Of course lah!

Liew, don’t marah hor? I ran out of things to blog these few days because my hubby is at home all the time. Playing the good wife drained my brain juices. In order to find something to write, I surf around and happened to stumble upon your blog about:

Why Must Own a Car?

Which you said,

“I don’t quite understand… Is CAR a must for man? Man without car is lousy? Man without car is lame? Man without car cannot get a girlfriend?”

Let KPC Aunty tell you some things girls want.

1) She wants a guy with a car which comes with air-con and ‘kerng’ sound system. Hopefully, the car smells clean and not something you borrowed from your neighbour who is a fishmonger.

2) She likes you to drive to her office to pick her up for lunch. If your car is big and shiny, then she prefers you to wait just outside her office block, blocking everyone’s way so that her other colleagues can envy.

3) If your car is really cool, she may even allow you to give her french kiss so that her colleagues can even envy more.

4) The car is useful because she may want you to drive her tai yee mah* to the pasar/market and drop her tai kham poh* to mahjong. (*both are names for old aunties)

5) She also expects you to do a lot of shopping and only a car can accomodate the boxes of 6 pairs of shoes, 12 dresses, 36 rolls of toilet papers (because on sale mah), 12 boxes of Premier tissue papers and 24 rolls of Scott kitchen towels. Since you have been so accomodating, she buys you a box of condoms to be put in the glove compartment.

6) If she has to take the LRT, she will tell you to go back and sleep on your own. If she travels in your car, she may follow you home to sleep together.

7) Cars have been proven by many individuals to be a conducive place for romance. Don’t believe? Ask Viewtru. He has tips. (VOTE VIEWTRU, VOTE VIEWTRU) It saves you money from going to love hotels (Lrong’s idea, not mine)

8) Girls also like cars because car is less threatening to them than other girls. The theory is – if a man owns a car, he is like having a lover. He spends a lot of time on this lover and hence, the girl has security mah. And after spending on the monthly car installment, guys won’t have enough money to keep and maintain several girlfriends.

9) Yeah, one more thing. Girls measure the guys by the cars they drive. If you have a big, big, expensive car, they don’t care if you are only 2 inches…err…hard-drive in computer geek’s language?

10) For reason number ten, ask the Top Ten Man, Simon , who often blogs about Top Ten Reasons, Top Ten Blahs etc. (VOTE FOR ‘Like that also can?’, VOTE for Mudpond, VOTE for Jaded)

So, man must own car. But don’t own Kancil. I don’t know why, ask Kancil Killer la.

Not sure what car to own? Join Paul Tan’s car forum.

Fuwah, what is the matter with me? I have so many links on one blog! Guys, thank me by picit itu butang. Hahaha. Read Sinner’s Ark blog about Clicking as Appreciation. Girls, you agree with me? Huh? Huh? Huh?

16 thoughts on “Man must own car? Of course lah!

  1. Not to create any feud but I’ve just got one thing hovering on my mind at this moment. Belief that women are born with a materialistic expectation of their man or prospect. 😛

    Having a nice comfortable family car is still a must though. Not MPVs where you need to scream at the kids later right, KPC aunty. 😛

  2. Aiyohh, dont say girls till like tat ma. My sweetheart oh, she dont mind whether i got car or not, or wat car i owned. See, so nice & understanding. She said, after we get married, I must get a BMW!! Me so happy lor, coz I can get a Black Market Wife

  3. BMW = Black Market Woman, not Black Market Wife.

    I hate kancil because it become norm kancil driver hog the highway driving 60kmh, at the HIGHSPEED lane.

  4. Hmmm. Interesting 5xMoM. No wonder Din wants to get me to be his so quickly and pester his dad to buy a Vios as fast as possible. I think there is a girl Din wants to impress. Damn you Din, don’t you dare think of doing anything when inside me…

  5. Ehem, I need my car very badly because of your reasons 5xMoM. You do understand…

    p/s. 8555! What the hell are you doing here! You’re only allowed to go to Paul Tan’s!

  6. Aunty Lilian.

    Just a thought. Wouldn’t someone who has a car that meets all the criteria you mentioned also expect a girl with supermodel qualities ? ( To match the nice looking car mah.)

  7. I kinda agree with Mudskipper. See what car u drive you get what level of gf lo… porche ma get porce spice as gf lo…. 😉 Girls choose guys, guys also choose girls.

  8. romantic & moo : aiyahh, Black Market Wife is like getting 2nd wife w/out anyone knowing it lor. Then chain the 2nd wife in the condo. After work neh oh, just drop by tat condo. Spent 1 hr there then only go back home lor.

  9. Cheh, Liew, you want good advice why ask Aunty Lilian? A real man (LelakiSejatiâ„¢) don’t need a car to get a woman. Last time Uncle James no car also get plenty of chicks wat. Because, if the girl loves a man, she will love him even if he only got Bus Card! Kakakakakak!

    But that said, buy a car anyway lah. A girl who loves you deserves to have shelter when it rains. Because even a LelakiSejatiâ„¢ cannot stop the rain from falling. 🙂

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