People actually believed I am a fengshui master!

I had received two comments which did not make sense to me. One girl kept gushing about how her mom loved my show. I was like, ‘WTF? What show have I done?’

So, I deleted both comments thinking they are spams. But today, it just dawned on me…..Aha! Now I know.

Someone just posted a comment at my previous posting:

you are my teacher.beacause i have some years studied your books.they are a very good information for me.congratulations!for your gift. thank you very much for all

ROTFLMAO with MS. LUITA, there are people who actually think I am Lilian that Too who earns big bucks writting fengshui books. OMG, please forgive me! (I mean asking God to forgive me. LOL!) My name is Lilian too. Yes, Lilian too. Hear me? Lilian too. Spelt with a small t. Not as in a surname with big T. My name has only one l, not two ll.

I don’t believe in fengshui anymore. I used to believe but not anymore. Geddit? I believe in God and only God alone.

But I don’t mind answering fengshui question ‘cos I do know a LOT. No consultation fee, provided you are willing to listen to me preaching Christianity in return. Anyone interested?

*snort, snort* I just love Google. First, I get 600+ hits per month from people looking for damacai 4D results. Every weekend, my traffic surges because everyone searching for damacai, da ma cai or damacai results ended up here or here.

Now, everyone looking for that lady with three husbands (sexymum said so, not me) ended up listening to me talking fengshui. And believe that I am her. Oh wow!

BTW, I still have about 10 fengshui books from various writers like Kwok Man Ho, her and Evelyn Yip (I think?). Free giveaways.

*Disclaimer – Just because I said I don’t believe in fengshui, it doesn’t mean ‘I said fengshui is bad and the whole world has to listen, ok? Don’t try to flame me, ok? (my old blog kena flamed before, sked leh)*

10 thoughts on “People actually believed I am a fengshui master!

  1. OMG! i found your blog at last.. my mom is such a huge fan of yours. OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    hhehehe… dun angry ah, nanti cepat tua. just playing..

  2. Fengshui = my mum = fengshui = my mum …. (till infinity) she’s been reading books and doing her homework all this while. Good student. But sometimes kinda mafan cos she wants me to sleep facing certain directions, this cannot, that cannot. Personally, i think moderate is enough, dun be extreme. As u said, believe in God, no matter who you are!

  3. olright i will believe if you didnt explain! Is possible for Lillian Too to have a blog (blog about feng shui). Teching blogger to use fire, wind, earth yada yada element in the layout lol. “Ahh i sense fire element in your blog, you should put your blogroll facing north-west it bring meaning of Fat chai fat chai. Soon will kena damacai lottery” something like this šŸ˜›

  4. Woohoo, I like the beautiful thing up there.

    Mango – Huh? Which Vincent? Why Vincent? You pelik leh. Why not semivalue or something, prolly when people dropped by your site, they can scold 99.

    Ashie – Noleh, I water element. But I counter balance with fire, wear red clothes I baru naik semangat. Or else, I chicken out. That’s why my durian red colour, baru ada ‘ong’.

    Kampungkai – Problem is what you know? The flying stars keep flying so each year, must buy new books, so the money also fly.

    dsaint – kehkehkeh, tak marah. Only LUITA.

  5. Vincent Tan = Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Industrial Berhad. Oo-lui-lang leh… I use the ‘semivalue’ as my usernames in my mail account mah. Gmail, hotmail, yahoo…… Aiyah, they scold until sien, I recieve also until sien. Very sien wan ler, scold here scold there.

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