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I was at Penny’s funeral wake with my brood. Usually, most Chinese will not bring little children to funeral parlours for fear of ghosts following the kids home, causing them sickness.

Penny’s mom is always around our home, taking good care of them. So, it is only right they pay respects to their cousin, Penny.

What I hate about being in a huge group is all eyes will be upon me. Firstly, because I am the only one who brings small kids. Secondly, they want to see what I would do. So, I decided to skip the joss-sticks burning and instead, just say a quick Lord’s prayers, minus the cross and ended with a loud Amen which my kids echoed.

I asked Penny’s mom about her plans for the cremation and etc. She wanted to cremate and scatter the ashes at sea. Buying a tablet in a temple is very expensive. Moreover, it means her family have to constantly observe every dates which she can’t afford time to do (like cooking and go offering). But her decision is quickly shot down. A lady I do not know told her “Your daugther can’t walk, if you scatter her at sea, how is she going to come back?”

I dashed away from the conversations before I got the cold stare treatment should I open my mouth. Instead, I went to Penny’s father (who is older than me). I told him that there is little choice we parents have, except to believe that our children are now an able-bodied person, perfect in every way, in a special place. Though they are not with us, physically, they are still our children.

Oh yeah, those bunch of so-called friends not only asked for the death certificate number, they even wanted Penny’s identity card number to buy 4-digits (gambling). They insisted Penny’s mother to go search for the IC just so that they can get rich. Well, if I say I am very disgusted with them, it simply means that I am disgusted with them as individuals. It has nothing to do with me, being a Christian or they being non-Christians. They are real blardy ghost worshippers who idolise money, and money alone. Damn!

Penny died on her Chinese birthday (1st June 2005). She is 18 years old (Chinese age). On the night she died, her mom dreamt of a dragon ascending to the sky. Penny was born in the year of the dragon.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on our beloved, departed souls, bring them to your Heavenly Kingdom. And grant us, bereaved parents, the faith that we will be united again. Amen.

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  1. Its very commendable of you to bring your kids to the funeral . I have been bringing mine since she was 2 years old. We would bow and in cases of family she would touch the body ( we have open caskets here and the upper half of the body is actually propped up above the coffin. Now she is older she does not have that terror I had of funerals and death.

  2. At a non-Christian funeral, I would offer three sticks of incense (if it be the CUSTOM,) bow once as a sign of RESPECT and offer a short silent prayer for the repose of the deceased soul. It doesn’t bother me at all what anybody else thinks. My thoughts are only for the deceased.

  3. Even on a car accident scene, most people will jot down the car plate’s number first instead of helping the injured driver and passengers to get out of the crash.

  4. I believe once a person die, the Soul will be whole and will be with the Lord. May Penny rest in peace.

  5. I’m so sorry Penny’s mum has to go through this and I’m also disgusted with those insensitive ppl. “They insisted Penny’s mother to go search for the IC” (How could they?!!)

  6. It’s so typical of them. When my grandparents passed away and even during ‘cheng beng’ all they ever asked for was number number number. Nowonder no one striked any.

  7. Those people who want to got rich by taking advantage should deserve a big slap across the bloody face for being so insensitive and get mentally torture with the belief of ghosts follow them all the time and wet their pants and embarraseed the shitout of them. Deep condolences for Penny.May her soul rest in peace.

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