Go now! Vote! (cheaters at PPS)

Can’t help it. I am such an attention seeker. Must blog the latest hot news.

Aiz posted about foul play at PPS voting. Come on! People, get a life! You are creating embarrassment to the finalists by cheating. Shame, shame.

Here is what Aiz wrote:

June 03, 2005
Cheaters! Cheaters!

Damn, the voting booth has only been open a few days, more than 200 votes cast, and a whole lot of CHEATERS trying to beat the system. Come on — don’t assume i’m not paying careful attention. Only votes from PPS members with a valid BLOG will be counted. Some bloggers have tried voting multiple times, using different names and/or dummy blogs. Some voters don’t even have blogs, much less are active members of the PPS community. Play fair, ok? 🙂 Its just an award for gawd’s sake! Didn’t know Malaysians (and some phantom SINGAPOREAN voters — yes, i tracked down your IPs/blogs) are so KIASU.
Posted by Aizuddin Danian at June 3, 2005 06:22 PM

OK, my dear bloggers, please go over to PPS and cast your vote if you are a member of PPS, i.e. you have a blog which you ping to PPS.

I had voted. My choice for the Blog of the Year is Viewtru. Because I always cast undi kesian/sympathy vote. (typical la, all aunties mentality like that) Kehkehkehkeh, Viewtru, don’t kill me.

For the Neophyte, there are three bloggers whom I like and nominated. I can’t decide between Jaded, Percolator and Like that also can ah? So, my choice is secret.

To help you from having to read through all their blogs, let me summarise how I found these blogs:

1) Viewtru – He is dead funny. Make sure you don’t drink or drive while reading his blog. But not long ago, he blogged about saving a little birdie. This little birdie (and I am not referring to Jeff’s Ooi or Kenny’s birdie) was dropped out from the nest by the mother bird. Viewtru took care of the birdie, watching that the cat did not turned it into dinner, saving the birdie from the rain…. Awww…are you touched yet? Yes? Go vote Viewtru.

2) Jaded – She is a young lady from Ipoh. With very matured thoughts and her blog always have a lot of related information/fact. She does her research well before writing about some topics.

3) Percolator – Her blog has a certain class. I am not sure how to pinpoint it but I think Percolator must have been in the writing business for a long time. No personal rantings but helicopter view.

4) Like that also can ah? – Simon is whom I called the Top Ten Man of Malaysian bloggers. Top Ten as in almost every blog he has some top ten reason, top ten points etc. I like the way he analyse things and compartmentalise them. He has humour and he swings from humour to inspirational thoughts.

Of course, Mack and Kenny need no introduction, right?

So what are you doing here? Go vote! Now, please!

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  1. I mentioned that I wanted to vote for only one category, but somehow could not do it becaus of the defaults (I a tech-cacat) Hence abstained.

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