Who needs maids when you have teenagers…

We had dinner with atm’s school mates from Form 6. Boy, oh boy, one of them is a pastor! Gee, gotta say grace before meals. Phew…the grace is so long! Thank God, I did not attack the food before that. Or else where am I going to put my face. Hahahahaha!

Ok, this is about maids. They are all in their mid 40s, established in career, kids grown up and all that. They have TWO maids! And yesterday is definitely not a right time for me to hear about maids.

Because my part-time helper is not around and my house is breeding flies and maggots (ok, exaggerate a bit la). Usually, every Monday and Thursday will see her cleaning my ceiling fans right up to changing bed sheets. With the kids around the whole day, the house is quadruple messy.

So, *sniff, sniff* other people has TWO maids wor. And me leh? I am stuck to my policy of no maids. And that means, I gotta clean the house myself.

After dinner and the funeral wake, I returned home. Stuck to blogging for a while (priority leh) and by the time I have time to clean up some mess, it was already 3am. Not that I am sleepy because I napped in the afternoon. But washing dishes, pots and pans at 3am in the morning may give the neighbour the impression that I am a cuckoo case with a serious case of OCB. Who in the world bring out the thrash (rubbish chute) at 3am in the morning? Ghosts got la.

So, I decided to go to bed. Told my teeange son to bring the rubbish to the grill door so that the father can drop them on his way to work the next morning. Just for fun, I told him, pick up the cushions on the floor, mop the floor, finish washing the dirty dishes and clean the whole house.

I said ‘Just for fun’ because I am very sure he is going to ‘forget’ just like most of the time.

But he must have the ‘just for fun’ mood last night. This morning when I woke up, the dishes are washed, floor mopped, rubbish no more and even the dining table is neat! Woo hoo! This is the most pleasant surprise in a long time! (During school hols, my kids sleep in the afternoon and remains awake at night. The thrill of not sleeping regular hours.)

So, who needs maids? I have teenagers. Well-trained but service erratic. The reward – a home-made lasagna. And a big thank you plus the joke, “Wah, I thought I am in the wrong house this morning when I woke up.”

12 thoughts on “Who needs maids when you have teenagers…

  1. 5xmom come out with a “How to train your kids to clean house” book! I 1st 1 to buy….hehehe. Can teach my son now. Start ’em young hor šŸ˜›

  2. Well, I believe your own kids can be very helpful at times. It’s all about the bringing up process I guess. I remember there was one time I woke up early, had nothing to do and couldn’t stand the sight of the dishes in the basin. So what to do?

    Automatically just started cleaning and when my maid came over (she’s local.. :D), she got a shock and asked me if the family had dinner out last night. LoL!

  3. U bullies šŸ˜€
    Frm being a teen rite til now, I’ve been washing dishes, sweep, mop & other house chores. So her ‘just for fun’ has somehow turned to ‘its a must’ šŸ˜€

  4. I guess it’s a matter of upbringing. I was brought up to do chores and to help my mom around the house and so were my sisters. For 21 years and counting now, we never once had a maid. I’m thankful they didn’t hire one or I’d prolly end up not knowing how to do chores or even cook.

  5. I’m sure he’ll turn out to be a very domesticated man next time. Lucky his wife! And you don’t have to worry about him when he leaves for college next time because he’ll know how to take care of himself! šŸ™‚

  6. Aunty Lilian,

    I oso din hv maids at home when I grew up. Both my parents worked so its my siblings and me that took turns to cook(our own lunch) and clean the house (except laundry) for the longest time.

  7. You semm to have a different set of experiences. My neighbouring Ah Soh said that she needs a maid BECAUSE she has teenagers!

  8. Viewtru – That’s why la, small small must torture them to child labour. Big time, save money.

    fishtail – You must write another book then. Teaching men housework. I am sure all the wives in the world are going to adore you.

    Mystic – Most kids nowadays are too pampered. Not entirely a good idea ‘cos I am sure they have to strike out on their own one day. Better to equip them with these survival skills, right?

    Eileen – He can do a lot ‘cos he is taller and bigger than us. But nowadays, I don’t ask much from him. When he was smaller, I do assign stuffs for them to do. Now, big liao, hard to order around. So, I pretend buat kesian and he will help.

    S-Kay – Makes better wife, ya?

    Joe – I am impressed!

    Danny – Actually hor, it doesn’t take much to please the mommies hor? Just a simple dish washing, I am so happy liao.

    Chrissy – You need a high tolerance level. If I give them a chore to do, I will endure even if they are not exactly clean. I don’t want them to feel bad if I re-wash what they had done. Can tahan or not?

  9. So good your boys..! when i was young.. my mother never let the boys do anything..! they were the king of the house..! hahaha!!
    Luckily i don’t have spouses like my brothers.. otherwise can die..!

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