Constipated tennis players and nipples

Someone please explain to me. Why are those tennis players grunting like they are extremely constipated? It is a torture for me, a sports-hater to listen to the ‘nrggghh,arrrgggh,nrggghhh,arrgghh,aaaarrghhh,nrrrggghh,…..’.

Do they get added power by letting out sounds like that?

And d*mn, each tennis tournament last the whole day. Sh*t!

One more thing – those women tennis players. How come their nipples seem to be protruded throughout the 4-5 hours game? Certainly nipples can’t stand on erect like that? Oh, I see. It is artificial. What do you call that? Where can one buy it? What purpose does it serves?

7 thoughts on “Constipated tennis players and nipples

  1. nipples to distract the umpire lah— even if the ball is “out” , the umps eyes are on the nipples which are “in” court so he will call “in” hehehe

  2. eh eh…but that guy’s ass hor…damn tight wehhhh =P I almost kena smack by Naz for checking Nadal’s ass out

  3. hmm obviously you hardly wear any sports bra, or you are an A cup lady, which explains the nipple story 🙂

    As for grunting, maybe you are talking about Maria Sharapova’s shriek, or maybe Monica Seles’s shouting. Anyhow, there is no apparent biological reason for, or physiological advantage to be gained from, deliberately grunting during a tennis match. But there is a natural tendency to grunt sometimes. That is, as a player moves through a forceful serve, or a desperate return, the stomach and other muscles contract while the breath is being held. So when the movement is being completed, and the pent-up air is released, it’s an ideal time for a good grunt.

    Same ideas for karate, weight lifting, etc etc etc.


  4. CS is right. The natural tendency when you execute a sudden, forceful movement..

    I sometimes realise that I’d just let out a little “uh” when I play sports, too.

    Hey, just like in the case of moaning during sex. This is a good example. It depends, of course, to individuals. Most let it happen naturally. Some hold back (tennis players have no reason to hold back – concentrating on the game!).

  5. Narrowband – This is what I am waiting for someone to say. It sound like a porn movie with all the gruntings.

    CS – I was talking about Nadal and Fererer (or whatever their names), two hunks. So, it was bearable.

    S-Kay – I saw that too and asked my atm why they wear bermudas and not the shortest shorts. hahaha.

    Acrix – The male players grunted louder, so I wonder what turns them on. Hahaha.

    TV – Fresh crab eyes? Hahaha.

    Romantic – You have a point there. But some of the female players look male to me. Like that Martina Narvatilova (can’t spell right).

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