Sofa for golden butts?

We have been sofa hunting since last week. With so many demands, we can’t find any.

First, it has to be cheap. Our current one which is a 1+2+3 set is only RM650. Why so cheap? So that we can dispose them every 2 years without feeling the pinch.

Second, the colour has to be gawdy and dark. You can’t see stains so easily.

Third, it must not be any leather/PU/PVC materials because one slash with the scissors, it is a goner. (trust my toddler to do it within a month or two)

Fourth, we do not want loose cushion because picking them up is a chore. And also to avoid kids doing cushion fights in the living room.

Fifth, it must not have sharp edges or any expose wooden frames.

Sixth, after all the demands, we also want it to look nice. (typical Penang people, want cheap want big)

Seventh, (seven is my lucky number so must make it seven) it has to be fengshui ngam-ngam. Fengshui said not good to have too much red in a room, can cause anger and fights. Also no to black and blue because too much water is bad for me, can drown. Fengshui also said yellow is bad because too much earth, bad omen. Green is good, from the fengshui point of view but I hate green. Reminds me of Yoda. Brown will make all those ketchup, chocolate, icecream, curry, thongsui stains invisible. But brown is BORING.

I would have gone happy sofa hunting thinking I am very rich. I trot into a furniture shop, so proud, asking for sofa sets costing less than RM1K.

But my mood is spoilt now. Because I just saw two advertisements for sofa sets costing as much as RM70,000 and they said sofa sets costing RM40,000 is on offer! Who the hell needs a RM70,000 sofa set? Does it gives the person sitting on it a definite chance of going to heaven? Hell, no!!!! For God’s sake, if you have RM70,000 to splurge give it to some homes for them to buy a van, wheelchairs, equipments, food, clothes, everything. Why do your butts need RM70,000 set when mine felt plush in a RM700 set? Hrrmmppphhh….

14 thoughts on “Sofa for golden butts?

  1. Wahlau. Your ideal sofa is so…. wow. I can understnad the no sharp edges, no leather/pvc, an dark colour. But, ahahaha, funny lah.

  2. Aunty Lilian,

    The $70,000 sofa is like a Ferrari. Similarly, why buy a Ferrari when a Proton or Kancil will do ?

  3. mudskipper – that’s call sour grape. Hahaha.

    Jinny – Hardly can find nice rattan nowadays, they exported them. If there are, very expensive. However, I love those white ones, so tropical.

    RB – Fabric so can tampal easily. And wash. But current fad is velvet, L shape sofa.

    Silencer – Next time when you have kids, you will know why. And remember these tips. Save you a lot of money.

  4. Have what my grammy in Penang used to have ( which I wish to have) She had installed a high wooden floor about 2 feet and we had cushions all over . IT was so cool and comfortable and all the grandkids lounged everywhere. Over the years all our butts must have polished the wood to a very nice sheen.
    I believe the new owners ripped it out and had sticky vinyl chairs put in…

  5. I need a consultation Lilian , too šŸ™‚ If i paint my kitchen chinese red .. will it be bad fengshui?? ( this one, serious question.)

  6. RB – Yalor, nice with the velvet. But how? Everyone la-la-li-la-tampong to get the prime seat? So have to forgo the idea.

    Romantic – A kitchen is fire element. So, no water features like blue colours or any waterfall painting there. Otherwise, the household will fight a lot or worse, hard to earn a living (because the fire got doused). Red ok but not overpowering. My kitchen cabinet is a bright peachy colour. Something represent wood also good ‘cos it feeds fire. Frankly, I do believe some fengshui because it has caused me endless problems. One day I use some photos and blog it?

    Of course, I do not let fengshui rule me but my home still have some common-sense arrangements that is based on some fengshui positioning.

  7. heh, have some rm 900 sofas at home to replace those rattan ones we gave away. Been there for 5 years, and still in amazing shape šŸ™‚

  8. Thanks Lilian!! Red it is. I guess the plan for a wall waterfall in the kitchen is out…
    Hehehe.. I hope the fire extinguisher for kitchen has to stay.

  9. wah, sounds like alot of sofa u cannot buy liao leh…

    ini macam looks like have to sit on floor liao šŸ˜€

    my mom’s house in penang has this rosewood bench. it’s not comfy cos so keras, but it’s very cooling to sit on (butt gets 2x numb: once from the hardness & again from the cold).

  10. Lynee – I found it! Wait when it is delivered, I take photo. Last time, when I had my other house, I bought a RM3K leather sofa and it grows mould. Now donated away liao. Also thought of buying the rosewood but rosewood can get scratched with small kids around. By they are lovely.

    Romantic – Hahaha, certainly, extinguisher comes in red colour, right?

    Hi Leo – Thanks for popping by. I finally bought one at RM1.4K. Hope it last me 5 years.

  11. kewl i can’t wait to see it, actually i really need a new sofa too…But like you there is a lot to consider,(kids ) when buying a new sofa.

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