Weekend is heavenly when..

1) I have an uplifting 1.5 hours in the morning, doing nothing else but feeling loved (by Him with a capital H).

2) I eat 2 globs of Baskin Robbins dark chocolate fudge icecream mixed with 1 glob of Skippy peanut butter. (Ever tried that? Mixed icecream with peanut butter? One life, live it!)

3) I get my hands on hot Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, green tea flavour and munched Amos freshly made butterscoth and pecan cookies.

4) I cradle a Canon EOS 350D camera in my hands and turn all the knobs and buttons. Click and click like it is mine. (Not buying because RM3,850 only brings me one basic dSLR camera. I want extra lenses and they will cost a bomb.)

5) I found the sofa I wanted! They will be delivered tomorrow.

6) I bought 10 books about Star Wars (older episodes) to surprise my son. (Hey, people, Gurney Plaza Penang has book fair by The Big Bookshop. Each book only RM3.90. Mostly for kids.)

7) I can blog something out of nothing.

Ahh….blissful. What makes your weekend heavenly?

7 thoughts on “Weekend is heavenly when..

  1. 1. A nice sight of rising sun with light through my windows.
    2. The breath of fresh air out of the highest level in the apartment I’d be living in without haze or monoxide poisoning.
    3. People I see smile at me to make me smile back at them.
    4. Clients or friends apraise me for my much needed help and would recommend me to their counter parts.
    5. And but of course, to be in the hands of my beloved partner feeling the back warmth I’ve missed these months.

    Ahh..such a nice dream.

  2. What makes my weekend heavenly?

    Hmmmm….reading in bed under the chilly 16 degrees aircon with my teddy bears for company…that is heavenly:)

  3. 1) lazing around all day & not worry about house chores.
    2) going out shopping with friends… if i buy something, it’s a bonus.
    3) having a good meal & chat-chat with friends.
    4) watching a good movie with friends.
    5) not having any work worries to worry about when monday comes around (the best thing to guarantee me a heavenly weekend).
    6) blogging!!!

  4. What makes my weekend heavenly
    Sleeping in
    Not having to go out n e where, unless i want 2
    Just laying around in my pj’s
    spending time doing whatever we want
    Nescafe haha
    catching up with family n friends
    reading my fav blogs
    oh most fav is staying in my pj’s 😉

  5. Spending good quality time the wholeeeeee day wif me sweetest darling in d whole universe. My gf la, siapa lagi?

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