‘Deceive-ment’ by a 2 yr old cameraman

Don’t bother to search the dictionary for the word ‘deceive-ment’. There is none. But it means someone with the skills to deceive people, as in being cunning and manipulative.

This is a follow-up of my earlier blog titled ‘B*tches are born, not bred’

I was lamenting to the papa.

5xmom : I don’t know what to do with your son. He wanted me to give him the camera and when I told him a stern NO, he did not throw tantrum anymore. Instead, he change his tone to the sweetest voice and say, “mama…..puhleeezzzz” and showed me his puppy eyes.

5xdad : *looking damn proud*

5xmom : Tell me? How to deny a request like that?

#2 son (13 years old) : Your son has learnt the art of deceive-ment.

5xmom : Is there such a word? Where did you learn that?

#2 : Children know how to use dirty tricks to get what they want from age 18 months old.

5xmom : Really? How come you know so much?

#2 : Discovery channel.

*sigh* My toddler is now king of the household. He dictates everything, gets everything and no one can say NO to him anymore. He goes around the house with a camera.

It is so fun to have him calling,
“Mama, loook, Mao thiak”
(translate : Mom, look. Mao (a name he refers to himself) click (the camera))


No professional photographers have ever captured a photo like this. Only my 2 yrs old toddler, with a Canon A10 camera.

7 thoughts on “‘Deceive-ment’ by a 2 yr old cameraman

  1. Now thats sweet :), actually Lilian on tv last week some show was stating girls start being bitchy by the age of three , so i guess by the time they’re ten or 13 they have it all worked out.As for boys yes they they certainly know the way to their mums heart hehe.

  2. Wah…so klever your kid, got such a one in a million shot of you. Just wondering when did you first “thiak” with a camera??(I mean not a digital onelah).

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