Sofa/some Star Wars and PPS voting

Barely 2 hours after the delivery men left, my spanking new sofa has been defaced! Toddler had used a purple gel pen to draw a line on them. Sheesh! I had turned the cushion face down so hope the papa won’t notice them. (Pro of having loose cushions – can hide the ugly side face down. Con of having loose cushions – constant picking up from floor and kids using them for pillow fights.)


#3 ‘helping’ to spice up the photos I took of the sofa by modelling ala Johnny English. But looks more like starving 3rd world children with those bones sticking out.


Toddler shows his mean side, marking territory. See the face and growls? He eventually kicked his brother off the choice seat.

*this post is dedicated to the papa*

Do you all Star Wars kakis know that there were two Discovery Channel documentaries on Star Wars this morning? I woke up and found my #3 so engrossed in them. It ran for several hours. Coupled with the 10 books I bought for him yesterday, now I have to listen to Star Wars jokes, Star Wars facts, Star Wars actors, Star Wars riddles….

It is not fun when an 8 yrs going 80 years old kid asking you endless riddles like the below:

Question : What’s black and white and red all over?
Answer : Darth Maul with milk moustache.

Question : How does Darth Sidious like his eggs served?
Answer : Dark side up

Gee, I haven’t even heard of any Darth except the Darth Vader who flashed his lightsaber at women at a bus-stop in Nilai.

Talking about flasher, I just remember a funny blog I read just now. Top Ten reasons, miss you must not. Simon’s blog, visit you must. Entry made by Simon:

Anyways, here goes some shameless campaigning on my part.
Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Simon in the PPS Neophyte of the Year Award

10 thoughts on “Sofa/some Star Wars and PPS voting

  1. Oooh comfy comfy. Happy Picking up cushions to you! First day of sofa, pick up cushions all day to admire. Second day etc of sofa, cushions belong permaneantly on the floor adi! Hahaha.

  2. Gosh, do they sell the same sofa in KL or wad coz my parents almost got the same kinda sofa but didn’t in the end coz too long for our hall. In the end we got the same shaped sofa but shorter and of different material

  3. S-Kay – These furniture manufacturers are out of ideas I guess. Every shop I went to sells the same thing.

    Mrs. T – Wait till they are 2 years old and they turned into dumpster. My kids will stuff their rubbish (like sweets papers etc) into holes they can find. Hahaha.

    MG – Right! You can read 5xdad’s comments. Nice only for a few hours. After that, turned into laundry drop off points. Hahahah, added paddings mah. Who needs cushions when you can have washed, unfold laundry as paddings hor?

  4. yes! more shameless campaigning by Simon! Next week the van with loudspeaker will be going round Penang and KL promoting his campaign…

  5. hahahah Mr 5X dad is soo right about the laundry.. Guilty here too hehehe .For the cushions and couch.. Spray with 3M protective spray-after that any spills, you can just wipe off with a damp spill.
    My girlfriend saved few years for a leather sofa couch set–After delivery, her girls drew all over with colored permanent markers. Now she has psychedelic furniture .She said she cant wait to have them delivered to her kids new homes when they get married.

  6. Surfnux – Yeah, cosy indeed. Good for couch potatoes like mine one at home.

    Romantic – We are going to check out the 3M spray soon. Your friend is so funny!

    Simon – Van going around still not enough. How much are you paying for per vote?

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