Star Wars hater I am, Darth Vader is me

I was at Dsaint’s blog and out of curiousity, checked out the quiz. I am a sucker for personality/whatever tests because I must have affirmations that I am the best of the best, even if it means the best is the worst of the lot.

I know I had blogged more than twice today but some things are too good to be passed or leave for the next day.

Yay! I am Darth Vader. I love discovering the evil side of me. I know I am not Jabba the Hutt. I swear I answer truthfully. Such as:
* When I was a pipsqueak, I wanted to be a soldier
* I am not hairy
* I am tall
* I will steal a lightsaber left behind in a bus
* I will kill all Star Trek’s fans with a rocket launcher

**Tips : Click on the picture above, it will take you to some sites. The quiz link is on the right side, top one. Don’t get distracted by the b**bs and the br*asts of the b*tches and b*mb*s. Notice that lately, I had been using asterisks a lot? Not that I am watching my languages but rather Google will give me no money ads (PSA) if I use all those bad words. So, ***flowers**** flow instead of foul words.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars hater I am, Darth Vader is me

  1. Hi, I came from Sue’s blog. Just did the quiz (I got the link from another blog and I am Queen Amidala!). Neway, very nice blog you have *envy* May I link your blog? TIA! 🙂

  2. CK – Not fair la, I thought if I answer truthfully, I would get some good examples like yours, manatau I kena jadi Darth Vader.

    Belacans – Frankly, I have no idea about the breathing from the mouth. Must seriously watch Star Wars from now on.

    Viewtru – Not on my chest, chin or arms.

    Simon – Belated Star Wars fever.

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