Do you have the guts to be mother?

It means stuffing your bare hand into the toilet bowl to pick up:

a) toothbrush
b) contact lense casing
c) comb
d) just anything toddler fancy throwing into the toilet bowl

No second thoughts, just put it into the bowl which had earlier been filled with brownish gunk. Any delay will means your toddler flush them, causing major obstruction to the whole apartment unit’s sewage system.

Ewwwss…I can still feel the bacterias crawling on my hand, eating my flesh eventhough I had washed them at least 10 times with disinfectant. Ewwwss….I can feel the worms eggs getting into my tummy and I am going to have a belly full of tapeworms, ringworms, cacing kerawit, cacing tanah…..Help!!! My imagination is killing me.

Why didn’t someone invent a toilet seat, cover and toilet bowl that can be locked?

13 thoughts on “Do you have the guts to be mother?

  1. Well, at least they can’t throw things like handphone or stuff it with more pricey stuff and be amazed trying to flush it down. 😛

  2. Hahaha, Danny, mine did. He threw my Nokia phone out of the window and lost it forever. He threw my house key and got me locked in the house. Arrgghh…bueh tahan him liao.

    Momof2 – What else is new, right?

    Simon – Yahor, I forgot to give tribute to dads too.

  3. I picked things up many times from the toilet bowl but luckily we always flush the toilet after using it so even if you drop something in there, the water in there is clean (clean means no yellow yellow or brown brown stuff in there =P)

  4. Lock??? Wei wei weii.. later lagi worst u know. Cant find d key, ur kids pangsai at d wrong spot.

  5. I did pick up something from toilet bowl before. Damn yucky if you think about it. But if we think like: “hm.. I have clean the toilet bowl and nothing dirty is inside right now, so its just a matter of seconds picking it up and then wash hand with extra soap.”

  6. Lemme think. Izzit, toddler dropped your toothbrush at the toilet bowl which is full of toddler’s shit –> you pening kepala –> you picked the toothbrush out –> hand sull of shit –> go brush teeth –> germs enter stomach –> tapeworm lays eggs –> tummy full of tapeworms

  7. oh yeah toilet seat locks what a gr8 idea, my youngest use to always put a full toilet rolls in the toilet tsk tsk,worse thing he ever put in actually threw in the toilet was my fav nintendo 64 game, hmm Rush tsk tsk ,, i must tell ya i poured some disenfectant on it ,,, Yes and it still works till this day.

  8. Aiyo Auntie, wear the disposable latex glooves la,or jsut simply wrap your hand with the shopping plastic bag to prevent your bare hand ge contact with the toilet bowl’s water..

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