Stoopid Malaysian drivers who dunno when to switch on lights

There is nothing I hate than to drive during dusk. All the idiotic drivers do not seem to know when is the appropriate time to turn on their headlights.

They are either blind, dongkoi or brain dead. Come on, it is 7.30 pm in the evening! The sky has turned dark and it is drizzling. Penang is full of such moronic drivers. Dumb ass*s are all around. Especially those idiots who drive modified, black colour cars.

Probably they need the Government to set laws for them. I hope the Government will do that. It may saves many lives. Semua kenderaan dikehendaki memasang lampu tepat pada pukul 4 petang. (All vehicles are required to switch on their lights at 4pm) This is to cover those dark days when there is a thunderstorm and these morons still drive around without their headlights.

My hubby (aka atm) has this habit of switching on his headlights whenever he got into basement car parks. He acquired this habit from his Italian colleagues. It is a safety measure because some people get disorientated with the bright sunshine outside and the dark parking area. But many smart asses will be flashing their lights to tell him ‘HOIII!!! uncle, your lights are on’. *sigh*

15 thoughts on “Stoopid Malaysian drivers who dunno when to switch on lights

  1. Good thing my master isn’t stoopid. And yeah, the other cars I come onto the road in JB, esp those modified cars think so highly of themselves.

    Hah, bloody cars. I hope their baterries go kaput and their engines blow.

  2. hoho I learnt about when and which light to switch on at what time, when I took driving lesson. Those people must have learnt that too. But why they are still not putting on? Save battery? hehe

  3. They think that just because they can see the other cars, the other drivers can see them. That’s a fallacy. I switch on my lights (small ones) when I drive to work at 7.20 am. Play safe; don’t want some stupid early morning rusher to crash into me.

  4. hmmm… i think engineers should invent something like setting the headlights ON at certain time…
    maybe a sensor to sense the luminance to turn on the lights…

    hmmm… i shall try it in my project.. 😛

  5. over here, all cars have auto headlights.. so much so, hubby couldn’t find any switch to switch it off for the drive-in theatre. and we had to leave.before the other patrons get mad .LOL

  6. Err… Err… don’t be too angry can?? Because there are some (or at least one –> ME) who didn’t do it on purpose, just sometimes forgot nia…. *sniff sniff* ;p

  7. sometimes i think these ppl have night vision eyes like X-men.

    Lagi dungu are those ppl who drive with lights on at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

  8. I always turn on my lights while driving in basement carpark. It is just common sense that it is safer to drive with lights on in a dark area, as carpark is like a maze with lots of pillars and blind spots. Who knows some blind Kancils might turn in or out without warning and causes unessasary trouble.

    Turn on the lights will give others some distance warning, same as you honk before turning into any blind corners, loads especially like in Mount Askin, Batu Feringgi area or Cameron Highland.

    Better be safe than sorry. 🙂

  9. as if turning on lights will cost more money. ‘giam xiak’ people!

    anyways, most drivers turn on their lights on a slightly dark day. this i find good, because it increases visualibility by so much. back in malaysia it’s so much more dangerous.

    oh, this is in australia.

  10. Yalor…lots of ppl like tat here in Klang Valley, sometimes they dun even signal. I oso always turn on my light in the basement carparks, tho not headlight lah…too bright leh. Can see can liao. But the other day, at 1-Utama, some idiot honked me for having my lights on in the carpark & gave me the middle finger wor.

  11. let me share with you my sis-in-law’s views on why she does not switch on lights in the evenings and sometimes at night (yes at night). “Save battery lah mah. Besides, there are sufficient street lamps out there to lit up the streets. I can see wat”.

    How do u reason with people like this. similarly, how to educate people not to hog the right lane, not to switch on the hazzard lights when u are driving in the rain. Malaysia Boleh. Boleh tunjuk orang lain kami bodoh punya

  12. One night, I was driving on the federal highway, on the way back from midvalley. It was raining heavily… then I notice “something” in front of me.. guess wat, its a taxi without its light on! I thought wat the hell? heavy rain at night, HOW CAN U NOT ON UR TAIL LIGHTS?! so dangerous! I often encounter many drivers including motorcyclists like this at night. Its either they forgot to on, or never bother to replace or repair their lights. only m’sian drivers BOLEH drive like this at night,and never “kena saman” from police…

  13. Ya, save money on battery. Wait till they are hit from the back by another vehicle. Then we will see if the repair cost is cheaper than the battery or worse, their hospital bill or their life. These people don’t realise that switching on the lights is also for other people to see them so as not to run over them. It also shows that they do not look at the dashboard panel when they drive because it should be lighted if your head lights are on. Of course the newer models are lighted and dims when you switch on the headlights. Talk about being penny wise pound foolish.

  14. Lillian, Malaysian drivers needs more safety awareness man.

    Though I’m neither Italian or was thought in driving school, I have enough senses to turn on lights and turn off lights.

    Why dont you write up on when to use common sense when it comes to vehicle lighting?

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