Woman hitler = mother-in-law?

I was reading a book. My #2 son came by and started spelling w.o.m.a.n. h.i.t.l.e.r. I asked him what he is mumbling about.

He pointed to the word Mother-In-Law and told me that if we shuffle the alphabets, we get woman h.i.t.l.e.r. Kid has been surfing too much and get too smart for his own good. This is the anagram, like the one mentioned in The Da Vinci Code.

I had been reading the book, Mother-In-Law, Daughter-In-Law, which is a gift from the author, Warren Lau. It is even autographed by him. Thank you!

I meant to write a complete review when I finished the book but since the woman hitler term came up, I am now looking at mother-in-law in a new light!

Anyway, it is a coincident that on the same day I got the book, I met up with another lady from KL who is part of my parenting group. She had the book and had read them.

This reminds me of my role. Though my mother-in-law passed away a few years ago, I ought to read Warren’s book and absorb everything. I found comfort in it that I have erred in some ways but I had also done something right towards the end before her death.

Being the owner/administrator and leader of a parenting support group with almost 800 members, I hope I can pass on some of the wisdom I gained from the book. Mother-in-law is one of the hot issue in our forum discussion. However, I am a dictator in the forum and do not allow anyone to mudsling their own mother-in-law. In fact, I had banned one member from the forum due to this. Sue me, but I don’t care. My reasoning is if I allow one woman to talk bad about her own MIL, the whole world is going to follow suit. (including me) And my parenting forum is going to end up as MIL problems support group. Hahahaha!

I shall elaborate more about the book, my relationship with my own woman hitl…I mean mother-in-law and tell you who Warren Lau is in another posting.

Or if you know who is he, just leave his blog URL in the comment board. This book is a must-have for all women and caught-in-between husbands. Especially women who are getting married. You should be prepared on what to expect. And to those women with mother-in-laws, it is a life-saver. Trust me, I know.

However, reading the book alone is not going to solve your problems. Daughter-in-laws should put themselves in their MILs’ shoes. Question is – are DILS ready to do that? Or are they going to continue holding grudges against each other?

*sigh* Mother-in-law or woman hitler – Hate them or love them, you have to live with them.

10 thoughts on “Woman hitler = mother-in-law?

  1. ahahahhahah that’s nice~~
    woman hitler, mother-in-law
    hmm.. never though of that

    is that book suitable for 17-year-olds then? =p

  2. wah….should i put it in my list of books to read in 4 years time ah? (if I get married lah dat is..LOL) But seriously speaking, not only daughter in laws got problem weh..I think becoming a girlfriend also got problem.

    I compare myself and Naz’s sister in law and guess what? Her mom always complain she doesn’t know how to cook, dunno how to take care of her husband, dunno how to do housework blablablbla…and I’m like “Erm..but she does do all those stuffs” It’s so hard to please her man. But lucky me, I belum kena until so dasyat yet. Phew!

    Usually, my advice to myself, if I ever ever marry Mr.BF, I must move out of the house…LOL

    Eh Lilian, do you think you’d be Woman Hitler one day to your sons’ wives ah?

  3. Celestine – Hahaha, what I meant was, I wasn’t aware that the blogger I know and the author is the same person until recently. Really nice to read Mr. Warren’s books. Inspiring.

    S-Kay – Don’t scare me la. I think I am going to be a very mean hitler. Very, very mean. ‘Cos I am Darth Vader.

    3cin – Let’s wait and see what Warren said about that. He has other books and it is always nice to read locally authored books because it is so Malaysian.

  4. Being able to anagram mother-in-law into woman hitler is really smart! You should start your kid on scrabbles; he’s a natural!

  5. u know what the scary thing is? at least 4 girls out there will be having aunty lil as their MIL!!! the famous penang blogger!

  6. where can i get this book?

    all i can say now is that i’m glad i’m living 180km away from MIL! … and that’s all i’d say or i’ll be kicked out, ha! =)

  7. Joe – Maybe Warren must write another book? But in the book, he did mention what husband MUST NOT DO, like repeating to the wife what his mother said about the wife. Sure kena tidur on the lantai wan.

    Lotustol – I have asked Warren ‘cos the link he provided for online purchase doesn’t seem to work. I will definitely provide you the details.

    Simon – You better warned your daughter about this – avoid finding Penang guys next time. Hitler waiting.

    fishtail – Yeah, too much brain juice. This young lad can watch documentaries that bored me to tears. Deep subjects like China histories, WWII, origins of Christianity, the Egyptian mummies, technology and stuff like that. I kept telling him to blog what he learnt. Only 13 yrs old. So, you know Warren? LOL!

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