Err…Cameron got internet connection?

Whooppeee, we are off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow until Saturday. Will be staying at Hotel Equatorial one room apartment.

IM I had with a blogger: (ID changed)
sky85 : its been what… 8 years since i last went up there
lil : from penang, we use the simpang pulai road, very, very beautiful
lil : straight road, terus sampai the very top of cameron highlands
lil : i am going to bring a note book (i mean small 555 note book) and jot down the full details Hahaha
sky85 : hahah
sky85 : i almost thought you gonna bring laptop and blog from up there
lil : if we can find cybercafe, my eldest sure go
lil : so maybe i tumpang and blog from there, cool!
lil : provided i can remember my p/w to log in LOL

So, my question – Cameron got internet connection?

Some stuffs we usually do at Cameron Highlands:
1) Make our own steamboat
2) Hold barbeques
3) Go to wet market and buy some fresh chicken/prawns/fish
4) Get fresh, fresh, fresh mushroom and vege
5) Eat, eat, eat our own cooking
6) Go pasar malam and buy tempura mushroom
7) Eat bees larvae in honeycombs
8) Play fireworks and fire crackers (during CNY la)
9) Drink
10) Gamble

Things I hate doing in Cameron
1) Eat at shops because they are over-priced, crowded and food tastes lousy
2) Visit cactus, rose, tea, vege, bleargh farms
3) I hate tourists!
4) I hate tourists who pose with every flower, cactus and tea, with
a peace sign and tilted heads. Gee, so very Ah Lian.

To bring :
1) Electric steamboat
2) Electric grill
3) Bottles of wine
4) Mahjong and cards (hey, my kids can gamble ok?)
5) PS2
6) All the DVDs that I haven’t watch
7) All the books I haven’t read
8) Swimming trunks for the kids (heated pool, cool!)
9) Motion sickness medicine for the kids
10) Barf bags for the kids


16 thoughts on “Err…Cameron got internet connection?

  1. That one is not peace sign lah. That is a baphometh sign.

    BTW, you can get one 3G hp and connect to the internet up there mah.

  2. Mr Kiasi – Apa itu baphometh? Auntie never heard before.

    My phone got internet connection but I am not going to spend money like that. Gee, I wonder why I bought that stupid phone in the first place. Stupid me, got conned by advertisement.

  3. baphometh itu, according to the Da Vinci Code hor, also something like peace sign, but people didn’t realize that it was actually a Baphometh (dunno what the God of Fertility for the Knight Templars wan), and people still use that peace sign to make fun of people.

  4. I really hope i can go cameroon, but there is no one to teman me woh, all my friends also not free. Ah, one thing, don’t even stay in Straberry Park, its so horrible the room. Equatorial is a nicer place i would say. About the internet connection, go cameroon still surf net?

  5. huh? go to cameron blog? Helloo! U addicted to blog izzit? Go there enjoy & pampered urself a bit laa

  6. enjoy urself there and give full report later yer šŸ™‚ i’m planning to go too but have not confirmed the date yet. i plan to take lots and lots of pics there.

  7. Have a great time Lilian..! and update me on the happening in Cameron .. šŸ™‚ Been a long, long time.. since i’ve been up there.. šŸ™‚

  8. Wah! I was there just two weeks ago šŸ™‚ Also stayed at the Equatorial. But I was one of those Ah Lians who posed with flowers, cactus and tea! LOL! It’s been more than 20 years since my last visit when I was still a SYT. Now, old Ah Lian posing lor! Have a good break with your family šŸ™‚

  9. Heated pool? make sure you throw in your dog to test the water. It is no fun in a pool with 240w running inside if you found it later. šŸ™‚

    Have fun.

  10. Autumnmusic – Hahaha, I also posed with some pink flowers. I say for fun, don’t merajuk ya.

    KK – We cut short the trip. The whole of Cameron Highlands are conserving water. The pool is heated but water is greenish. So, we stayed for only a night instead of two.

    Kervin – Yeah, PS2 can provide games and also play DVD movies. With a car, we carted everything.

    BKworm – The flowers are sooooo lovely one cannot resist posing with the flowers. The only thing I did not do is the peace sign.

    Din – Will take up your offer next time.

    Mrs T – Will post the photos after I sorted them out. Nice place!

    Sue – Let me give a review asap.

    cutegirl – I did not find a single cybercafe. So laubeh la.

    Joe – I got two forums running so must administer the forum lah. Blog not that important but my emails are.

    Mr Kiasu – Chey…go alone with male friends and khau the rosy cheeks girls from CH lor.

    fishtail – thanks, did have a nice trip.

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