It’s me, Lilian, too, again!

It is interesting what Google search brings. Sometimes, it is like a pet dog dragging in some dead pest, sometimes, it is like a pet cat dragging in some used condom to the house.

On a lazy afternoon, I decided to google lilian too and went to the second page of the search results. I found Jeff Ooi’s blog. I followed the link provided

by Google and tadaaa…some interesting comments there. Jeff did not even have to write anything, the commentors made it interesting. It is all about fengshui, heaven luck, man luck instead of Jeff’s intended legal question.

An old entry from Jeff about
Berjaya Times Square which leads to fengshui.

This is a spin-off from my posting

actually believed I am a fengshui master!

And sorry that your RSS dragged you to this inane posting. I am just trying to fill my quota of important keywords. kehkehkeh

4 thoughts on “It’s me, Lilian, too, again!

  1. eh…I dun like Berjaya Times Square. Couldn’t open Jeff Ooi’s link but in my opinion, the feng shui is BAD FOR ME. Everytime I go there, I come back sick. I either feel like fainting while walking in that building or I’d puke on the way out. I’ve only been there twice (once for IMAX and another for fun) and I’m NEVER going back there again.

  2. Hahaha, S-kay, at first I put the wrong link. Next, Jeff’s site is not accessible. Hmmm…co-incident.

    Berjaya – I had been there a few times. I dunno why but we usually ended up parking and access from the same place. And what greets me are those eewwwws.. Ah Lian lingeries. First thing my kids did is to shout ‘MOMMY, LOOK, THEY HAVE FEATHERS PANTIES, YOU WANT TO BUY OR NOT?” and “MOMMY, GOT SNAKE WAN, GOT LEOPARD WAN, SOLDIER WAN ALSO GOT, BUY LA, BUY LA.” Hohoho, so you imagine how I detest the place.

  3. Hi Feng Sui King master, you’re seen to be part of my life to live along with you in this world, with feng & sui which give us energy & hope. While whether you believe me or not, I wish i will be the next Bill Gates in coming next five years. It like an empty challenge right !!!
    Pls guide me what should I need to do right now,I believe with your feng & sui, I can reach to someone that standing at the top of the world pioneer king. Syabas to you ! Sumo King.

  4. Dear Fengsuimaster,

    I just bought the pyramid(fire)at Midvalley, my house is facing south east, where can i put the pyramid in order to avoid quarrel in my marriage life?


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