Dirty eat, dirty big

At Kasim Mustafa Nasi Kandar. An upmarket nasi kandar stall in a rich man area in Penang. Not the regular-by-the-drain-side stall. A ‘B’ class category eating place.

One **Chinese Indian woman was found:

First : Washing her hands. (fine, good practice)

Next : She took all the spoons to wash at the basin. She ate with her hands but the spoons are for scooping the dishes.

Lastly : She washed….. hear this, her glass of ice cubes! MamaBuya!!! (my toddler way of saying mamamia). She walked cooly to the sink with her glass of ice cubes. I thought she wanted to throw them into the sink or pour the melted water away. But no, she turned on the tap, fill the glass with tap water, pour the water and bring her glass back to the table with the WASHED ICE CUBES and filled it with Sarsi.

Dey, what can you kill with tap water leh? Ah Chee, if you think the place is so dirty, why not stay home and don’t eat out? You are insulting me, you know. I let my toddler eat from the same cutleries you use without washing. If he dropped some food on the table, he will pick it up to eat. We eat there almost every week. We never got tummy aches also.

We live by the Chinese principle of ‘Dirty Eat, Dirty Big’ aka Eat first, die later. (la sam chiak, la sam tua) Whatever morsel is given to us, eat with an open heart. Don’t doubt and you will not be afflicted. Wisdom for the day.

**Chinese Indian : Chinese descendant but brought up by Indian.

8 thoughts on “Dirty eat, dirty big

  1. Kekekekeke!!! lilian.. lilian..!! i laughed so hard.. when i came to the part .. washed ice cubes.. i knew it..!!! or rather.. i figured that was gonna happen.. šŸ™‚ especially with the sarsi part.. heheheh!! wow.. never hear someone say sarsi for so long..hahahahah!!!

  2. Hhhmmm… ya lor, so hygene. Who knows the mamak fellow who prepared her food came out frm toilet pangsai never wash his hand. All her effort goes in the drain.

  3. Sigh. These kinda people lah that will get food poisoning more often than we do. I’m glad my tummy is trained to eat food from all sorts of places

  4. Mrkiasi’s comment is a good one… I actually laughed in agreement! Seriously, that’s perfectly possible also wad?

    And of course, macam-macam orang ada… So what we do? We respect each other’s ways and choices lah šŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Lilian
    I read on another blog ,that most kitchens in Malaysia don’t have hot water tap becoz the tap water has to be boiled first) is that true?

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