Look who is reading my blog!

*cold sweats*

Two days ago, I was at my eldest sister’s home.

5xmom : Hey, I have thrown my old sofa away. I just bought a new set…*was about to continue describing the colour etc*

Sister : *cut short my conversation* Oh ya, I have seen it already.

5xmom : Huh?

Sister : The other day I saw it on your blog.

Die! I got another pair of eyes watching what I write. My eldest sister is 55 years old. I hope she doesn’t get hook to the net. She only saw my blog when she was at my nephew’s place in Kuala Lumpur. Now that she is back in Penang, I hope she will not ask my other nephew to teach her to use the computer and surf the net. *wipe cold sweats*

A week ago, someone I look up to (one of the Editor working in The Star) told me he lurks silently too.

Do you feel nervous when people you know whom you do not expect to read your blog, read your blog? Actually, I do not mind. In fact, I feel a lot more responsible. Anyway, I never b*tch about my own relatives except for the occasional in-laws rantings which are very mild.

B*tching about one own flesh and blood is a sure fire way to kill the blogger’s personality (unless they are blogging privately). It also reflects badly on one’s self. But many bloggers, especially the younger ones seem to have no borders and limits. I found one teenager who cursed being disturbed from his sleep eventhough his mother was badly hurt due to a fall and needed to go to the hospital. It gives me a chill to see the inner thoughts of such personalities.

12 thoughts on “Look who is reading my blog!

  1. i really donch mind ppl reading my blog.. but to use it against me.. and my family.. thru’ my neighbours.. and friends.. that’s sad.. and downright shallow..!!

  2. Since I’m quite open about my identity on my blog, I do try to exercise some restraint in my choice of words and subjects. I operate on the assumption that anyone/everyone I know might stumble on the site at some point in time…

  3. I gave my URL to a close friend whose opinion I value a great deal. The knowledge that she reads my blog helps me exercise self-restraint. Same reason why I show my face as well.
    While I do cherish freedom of expression, respect for self and others is equally important to me. Use blogs to learn, discover about things and self and others. And to grow. Not to abuse or destroy self or others.
    I don’t want to reread my archives one day and have to cringe too many times over my own highly regrettable/insensitive/foolish/mean/unkind words that may have torn at another’s spirit.

    *steps off soapbox*
    sorry for the preaching. have a nice day y’all.

  4. LOL…I do talk about my mom and dad in my blog when I’m mad but somehow, I dun go into super duper detail about it and I usually look at 2 sides ler…ehhehe…still….luckily they don’t know what a blog is. Good thing is, I dun curse coz it’s just not me (not curse until F here and F there lah)

  5. I will feel I’m losing my ‘freedom of speech’ when someone knows me in my real life. And maybe because of this, I won’t tell my friends and family about my blog. But anyhow, when it comes to a blogger meeting, I will show my face loh.

  6. The moment i began blogging, i was aware of those possibilities..

    Sometimes you may ask “Cmon, what are the odds?”.

    But it’s possible.

    My dad reads my blog, and it was my sis who told me that. Whoa. I’m not surprised that my mom reads also… aisey

  7. If you post things like your real name – Chan Lilian, your own/family/relative photo, don’t be surprised that one day your friends/relatives and especially families found your blog. 🙂

  8. some idiots trashed my old blog. so i started another one with precious little of my identity on the new one.

    i don’t mind the world reading my blog but if there is some sicko out there who thinks it’s funny to start a flame war between me & someone else by trashing on my blog, then that is too much liao. such sickos should be hung upside down from a durian tree during durian season…

    also, nobody’s pics are on my blog. reason: frens also said a big fat NO to having their faces plastered on my blog.

  9. Sigh. I google my name 3 years ago and found that google cache it. Because my name spelling(you know) is quite unique so I avoid using it for my blog. Just in case the bank credit card telemarketer found a way to exploit the power of google.

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