KNN, what’s wrong with these parents?

When they found their kids hanging out in cybercafes instead of going to school, they demand the Government to close down cybercafes.

Now, their 13 years old kids went to pierce tongues, they expect the Government to regulate these outlets AND expect the adults running the business to contact parents before performing body piercings on minors. (reference : Letter to the Editor, The Star dd 13 June 2005, italics are sentences I copied)

Arrggh….I don’t know who to blame. Aren’t parents suppose to ‘regulate their own kids’?

BTW, WTF is phunk? I am going to give the kids some black eyes real soon if they keep torturing me with non-stop, repeats of Black-eyed peas (or whatever the name is) songs.

17 thoughts on “KNN, what’s wrong with these parents?

  1. Then next thing is when their kids like to go mamaking, ask all the mamak to be close by 12.00 am. Or ban any teenagers sitting on the mamak.

    These things are really useless to control children, instead it creates loss to other instances.

  2. Narrowband – try listening to ‘Don’t phunk with my heart’ on the computer, TV, radio, recorded on the h/p, simultaneously, again and again and again and again….Hahaha, you get the picture now?

    Surfnux – Right, like the Education Minister who think sending police to curb gangsterism will settle the root cause of the problem. We Malaysians are NOT proactive enough, wait till sky come down only want to react. Wait for someone to die then only want to move the butts.

  3. lillian, i hope we will not come to a stage where the authorities cannot touch the juveniles at all. Here, in certain parts of England,m there are even curfews. Children, some as young as ten or eleven, run rampage and terrorise the neighbourhood. Now that it is summer, those sweet kids you see last summer have all grown up to be neighbourhood terrors..and I’d rather cross the road to avoid them.

  4. Those parents are same bunch of lazy “phunkers” that “don’t want to get in trouble” when other people struggle to pressure the “establishment” for their own benefits.

  5. why blame others when you yourself are to blame? sounds mighty irresponsible…

    this is one thing i could never understand about parents. then again, i’m not one myself yet so perhaps i should really zip my trap for now 😀

  6. let’s terrorise irresponsible parents. the next time their children gets into trouble, the parents must come for counselling. probably that way, they’ll teach their children better. so many has left that responsibility to the maid and govt.

  7. Some kids are (like me) rebellious. The more you try to control them, the more they rebel. Maybe shutting down offending outlets seems to be their shortcut to limit their children’s activities.

    and Phunk is Funk. The correct word to use is actually Fu*k.

  8. i agree with sue, its high time parents(the irresponsible ones) take responsibility for their children.
    you want to have them, you take care of them.

  9. imagine this; kids & adults simply aim & put their fixed deposit at toilet.
    Goment solution -> closed public toilet

    teens obscene behavior while in cinema.
    Goment solution -> closed cinema.

    ministers silly behavior at parliment.
    Goment solution -> closed parliment.

  10. erm..yaya..young generation nowsaday really like to pierce here n there… when u go to SG WANG shopping, u can see alot of this type of ppl.. i really can’t understand isit nice?? yucks…the piercing hole so big…eee..ugly..!!!

    mamibee banned me to make another piercing on my ear… not only she banned.. i oso dun1 to do so.. got 1 piercing aredi enuff… summore i dun dare to do that… so i “paid” alot on this piercing.. the ear bleeding…hhmmm…

  11. i dunno wat is phunk..just know it belongs to one of the words in the song title – dont phunk with my heart from the BEPs from their latest album monkey business.

    ask government put lar age legislation(uhh not sure if they did haha) – 16 and above only can do piercing and body art like over here…if found out kena do for minors, then either close shop or big hefty fine XDDDD

    but i doubt that will be effective anyway ~~ rebels will ALWAYS find a way and ppl will always wanna make moneyyyyyyyy XDDDD

  12. Isnt it the norm nowadays that parents always rely on the gahment to do things for them? This is not the only case where the parents asked the gahment.

    I remember during the ragnarok hype, some parents even ask to ban gaming in cybercafe. What the fuck are these parents thinking? Just because they cannot control their children, and they must do a world wide ban on gaming in cybercafes?

    Why not ban the parents for fucking?

    5xmom, hope you dont mind. Already kena PSA

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