Parents, speak up! (re:SPG)

Say you meet some annoying kid at the mall? You curse in your blog about hating kids and their parents never give them proper upbringing and etc. Who are you blaming? The parents, right? Did anyone come to your blog and flame you? Most often not. Did other bloggers take offence with what you said? Definitely not. Did anyone come to defend the annoying kid? Sure not.

Now, Mr Ng whathisname did the same thing. He found something distasteful and he said so (one man’s meat is another man’s poison kinda thing). Things like what you had done to the annoying kids at the mall? Sort of like ‘celaka kids, wonder how the parents bring him up’. Instead of blog, his words appeared on the mainstream media.

Why then are there so many bloggers jumping in and making a huge issue out of Mr Ng and the newspapers?

Parents – Tell me that there is NOTHING WRONG with how Mr. Ng felt and what he said.

Leave Mr Ng’s view as a parent alone.

If you are female and also planning to bare your nipples on Petaling Street Project (by pinging), then, stand up and speak up. Defend your rights to bare yourself. Otherwise, enough said. It is getting boring, wei.

20 thoughts on “Parents, speak up! (re:SPG)

  1. I hope my daughter will not bare naked on her blog if she has one.Do you think the photo SPG is genuine?Looks like it’s photoshop.

  2. I’m afraid I’m one of those who did not appreciate what Mr Ng wrote. The parent factor in this case should not even come up – the girl is over 18, her mother tried to stop her.. (from her blog). If the person in question is a juvenile, ya maybe I would refer something about their upbringing.
    this one is off topic.:BTW the girl’s tatas are weird ( well I’ve never seen anything like them before) Too much breastfeeding ar?? (Am asking since you’re the expert on this topic)

  3. Romantic – LOL! U mean puffy? You gotta ask Xiaxue LOL. Hahaha, actually Mr Ng is purported to say only one sentence. What the paper published is a straight forward piece without taking any sides. But out of curiousity, will you stop being a parent to your child once they touched 18?

    thquah – hahaha, i got no daughters to worry about.

  4. I do believe most of the parents love their kids, and so, they do also try their best to avoid their kids stepping into a deeper trouble. But since the girl don’t know how to appreciate that, we really can’t do anything.

    “Just look at those extremely popular blog site and what are they trying to sell to you. There is nothing about their life, nothing about their thoughts, but instead some piece of rubbish that has no value. Yet, tons of ppl buy their idea. The idea of taking ppl photos, editing it and making fun of it.The idea of embarrassing others and making yourself popular, and the idea of creating stories just for the sake of being funny. Each day, they employ different marketing strategies and tactics, some blogger are just so desperate that they are willing to do anything just to increase traffic, including of selling ones dignity and self respect.” trackback from

    Why must bloggers do that?

  5. Hi Lilian, No, once a parent always a parent. We are happy for them , we ache for them but really after 18 no matter what we do , short of locking them up, they will do whatever. All we can do as parents ( my view anyways )is make sure we provide the right foundation and hope ( and pray very hard) that they will follow through. Whats also important is we should live the right values we’re teaching our kids. I want to keep communication with my child open..
    My mother was very different her mentality was – If I lose face– you dont come home.( yeah even you’re a rape victim, or if you’ve got an would be very malu for her)Probably due to all the chingyao movies she watched.

    O in Canada, once you’re 18 you can go to the principal and stop them from communicating anything about you to your parents. I hope I have a good enough relationship with my child that she will trust me enough not to resort to that.

  6. Do you want to trackback this blog to your previous blog on “KNN, what’s wrong with these parents?”?

    IMHO, a lots of parents are clueless about parenting. For SPG case, the parent should treat her as adult, raising the level will make conversation possible. Many parents forget they do stupid things once upon a time, they forget they have gone through the same rebelions age.

    SPG parent are lucky because their daughter didn’t turn underground, swept thing under the carpet. IMHO, for boring Singapore, blog is “a good things” to parents.

    Remember, 10 years ago, when TV3 Majalah 3 talk about Bohsia lepak culture, it is one way traffics, it did not help anything. OTH, blog allow two way communication.

  7. Moo_t – Do I contradict myself? I agree, many parents screwed up real bad. But I AM NOT REFERRING to SPG here. All I ask is that we, the parents, ponder. Say, if the paper interview us, how would we respond? Our protecting nature will jump in, we may answer the same way as Mr Ng.

    Romantic – Oh wow, they have such laws? Cool. I thought I am only an adult at 21 and I moved out to survive on my own after my 21 bday.

  8. i think anyone could be right in their perpective for this(with good arguement).Some parents are brought up in strict family/religion might have same view like Mr Ng. Give them some freedom of speech la.

    seriously like wat other pointed, wouldn want to see my own daughter become bare_nake_lady also.

    p.s:heheh..thnx for your comment. i will feel better very soon

  9. Ah… is time for a sensible young adult who is 2 years older than her to speak up now =P

    My parents always say :

    “We’ve brought you up and taught you everything we know and tried our best already, you’re big enough to know what is wrong and what is right. If you get yourself into trouble, it is your problem and not ours. If we can help you out, we would but if we can’t, we can just hope you’ll learn a hard lesson from it”

    If I look from her parents’ view, I bet they would be like “What has she done this time?” but would just give a heavy sigh and still love their daughter for who she is. I mean, what can they do right? I’m sure they’ve tried their best but their daughter is old enough to think for herself adi. They can’t do anything about it but only pray that she will lead her life free from as many problems as possible.

    If I were a parent, I would prolly be furious. I feel that as a female, your body is a sacred thing and it is important that you do not show your body off freely BUT since SPG said that she views nudity as an art, I think there’s nothing wrong about it. If my daughter had a damn good body and she’s doing some nude photography shots, I wouldn’t mind but one must make sure that it would only be used for the purpose of art and not let it be used to be posted in mags where guys wank off with.

    Maybe I’m young and I was brought up in a more open minded family but I would react the same way Mr.Ng Some-Thing reacted if my family was conservative.

    Seriously, her nipples are abit odd no? Not abit, but damn odd. So why the hell are they making a big fuss about those ugly nipples? =P

  10. Oh, when I said 2 years older than her..I was referring to being 2 years older than SPG =P Sorry for posting such a long comment btw, too lazy to blog about this due to exam.

  11. There is nothing wrong with what Mr. Ng said. He is just trying to express his views as a PARENT. The majority of the bloggers on the other hand are vicious about the “violation” of the alleged “privacy” (what an oxymoron-anything on the internet is NOT private-discretion should be exercised whenever posting information/photographs) of SPG in the STAR.
    Yes, SPG is an adult and she can do whatever she wants. Its a free world on the internet. But it does not mean that everybody approves of her liberalism. A parent has got to do what they need to do. Its like flying a kite. You release the string (freedom) in stages. If you let go of the string too quickly, the string will go snap and there goes your kite. ( I wrote a post on this- if you’re interested you can check it out).
    Everybody is entitled to have their say. You don’t have to agree wholeheartedly with them. But then, you also don’t need to bash them up.

  12. i once watched a movie and a guy in the movie said :
    when the ball is in you hand, you do your best to make sure when you throw it, it will fly in the direction you want it to go. once the ball leaves your hand, there’s nothing you can do about it anymore.

  13. Hullo Lillian,

    been meaning to drop a line for a while, finally got the time to.i am intan with whom Jini liased with some time ago when we were toying with our lil BF book project. will definitely come here more often.
    am excited that u know kakteh too.

  14. I SAPOT MR NG !!!! anyway the whole blogsphere (msia) one is toking bout this issue, sigh … i tell u hor our msian bloggers creativity are drying up ledi … one fler tok bout one issue yang lain also follow buta buta … kakaka really mou sing kak!!!

    oi Liulian time to wakeup lar !!! get to work on today’s post!!!

  15. IMHO, it’s a matter of words. I guess if Mr NG say this “If I’m her parents (on parents stand point of view), it will be a horrible shocked & dissapointment to me”. Instead of saying “What she has done reflects badly on her parents.”

    With that, I guess it will generate less heat as we’ve seen now. Just my 1 cent opinion.

  16. I feel that it’s time to stop blaming parents for what the children have done. For eg : It is so typical of us to say “This girl ah…so naughty or he’s such a bad boy..parents nowadays, dun know how to teach their children properly”. C’mon lah, kesian the parents also. You think they want their kids to grow up like that? Every parent wants the best for their children and wants their children to be the best they can.

    Mr. Ng should have just said “What she has done reflects badly on herself as an individual”

  17. Wah so many days liao still on this SPG issue? Anyways,for me, I dont see it as anything wrong for her to post her nude pictures on her blog, she’s just trying to express herself in another way and its her right. Different people have different ways of expressing oneself, likewise there are people I know who find taking (i mean professionally taken) nude pictures as something kinky provided its for personal consumption.

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